X-Com commandeers Steam

MicroProse's five-game collection of classic RTS franchise heads to Valve's online distribution platform, $5 apiece or $15 for the lot.


As one of the premier services for digitally distributed PC games, Valve's online repository Steam is updated on a regular basis with the latest titles to come to market. However, on occasion, Valve will also dip a bit deeper into its industry partners' reserves to revive gems of years gone by.

This week, Valve and Take-Two teamed to add MicroProse Software's acclaimed X-Com collection to Steam. Five games in all, the collection includes X-Com: UFO Defense, X-Com: Terror From the Deep, X-Com: Apocalypse, X-Com: Interceptor, and X-Com: Enforcer. The games can be picked up individually at $4.99 apiece, or as part of the X-Com Complete Pack, which includes all five games, for $14.99. To promote the new arrivals, Valve is offering a 10 percent discount on all five games as well as the collection pack until September 11.

Take-Two acquired the rights to the classic real-time strategy franchise from Atari in 2005, after the series lay dormant following the less-than-spectacular X-Com: Enforcer in 2001. X-Com: UFO Defense, the original game in the series released in 1993, is widely heralded as one of the greatest games ever made, and has been inducted into GameSpot's own Greatest Games of All Time. Long-standing rumors indicate that Ken Levine's 2K Boston--creators of last year's award-winning BioShock--is at work on a new installment in the X-Com franchise.

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