WWII Strategy Title Released

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines has been released in the US from Eidos.


Eidos Interactive announced today that its World War II strategy game Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines has been released in the US.

The game has already hit store shelves in France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. (It has been out there for nearly two months now.)

Players will be able to control up to six army men in what Eidos calls a "tactical strategy wargame that puts the player in charge of a small squad of elite Allied troopers," controlling those troopers over the course of 20 missions that will take them from North Africa to the beaches of Normandy.

The game will be playable by up to six players over LAN or TCP/IP connection and has been "optimized for play" over Eidos' channel on the MPlayer online gaming network.

As GameSpot news previously reported, there are some differences between the US and European versions of the game. The US version already contains many of the fixes and additional features that the European owners have to download in the form of a patch. Also, the game is "copy protected against mass duplication" (which may result in problems with older or well-used CD-ROM drives).

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