WWI Shooter Adds Giant Moustache Option For Movember

And even better--it's historically accurate.


World War I shooter Isonzo is celebrating the end of Movember by adding 50 unique moustache and facial hair options, including one oversized moustache inspired by real historical figure Paul von Rennenkampf. The game's focus on historical accuracy and authenticity extends to its character options, with the styling options paying homage to the wide range of facial hair that was worn during WWI.

Over the last month, developer BlackMill Games has been marking Movember by exploring the history of wartime facial hair on its social media channels, while also asking fans to vote on the historical style they most wanted to see in the game--based on four real-life individuals who had a big impact on the war.

The winner has now been announced as Paul von Rennenkampf, with a voluminous and truly impressive moustache. However the von Rennenkampf is only one of 50 new options that have been added as part of the game's character customization system. The customization mechanic will also let players choose from a selection of different faces, as well as choosing uniforms and headgear.

Isonzo is part of a series of games based around WWI--the first, Verdun, was based around France's Western Front, while Tannenberg focused on the Russian Front. Isonzo, which will explore WWI's Italian Front, is currently scheduled to release in early 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. A beta is planned to take place soon, which interested players can sign up for here.

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