WWI dogfighter Red Baron takes to the skies on Kickstarter

New Red Baron revival looking to introduce a MOBA mode.

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Mad Otter Games has launched a Kickstarter for a new entry in WW1 dogfighting series Red Baron.

Originally developed by Dynamix and published for PC by Sierra Entertainment in 1990, Red Baron creator Damon Slye recently formed Mad Otter Studios and reclaimed the rights to the long-dormant series and is now asking for $250,000 to complete the game.

Included in the new game, which can be seen running in the Mad Otter Studios' pitch video, will be new technology, a single-player campaign, and a multiplayer mode that features League of Legends and Dota 2 style MOBA gameplay.

As part of the MOBA mode, teams of planes compete to clear the skies and allow battalions of tanks to advance up the genre's traditional three lane structure.

If successful, Mad Otter Games plans to launch the new Red Baron in November 2014. At time of writing, 230 backers have pledged $6,421 to the campaign, with 29 days left to go.

Speaking to GameSpot, Slye said he'd hadn't even considered pitching the game to any publishers ahead of formulating a Kickstarting plan. Crowdfunding is "so much better than the days of delivering a game in a box," says Slye.

Speaking about the current state of crowdfunding, Slye added that project backers are becoming savvier. "Backers are becoming more sophisticated at reviewing the campaigns, and making sure the developers have a good reputation and the necessary talent to deliver. This is healthy and good. It’s good to dive down into the resume and see if these are people who have delivered before."

When asked about how "Vastly better technology and advances in our understanding of game design will allow us to build a game that’s more immersive and fun," he added.

Mad Otter insists the new game will not feature subscriptions or be pay to win, but team is looking at other ways to make sure the new title is updated for modern gamers, with features such as player persistence.

"The persistence means players will have a hangar to store all their aircraft," says Slye, "they’ll have a pilot avatar that they can outfit, they’ll have a record of their career, and a medal case. They’ll acquire new aircraft, upgrades, paints, and insignias as they progress through the Tech Tree. Basically, this means as they play matches, they earn more Honor, and with that they can get more planes and improvements."

"Finally, this may seem like a small point, but the mouse support will be phenomenal. Flight games I made in the past, and the ones I see today have poor mouse support. It’s really hard to fly with the mouse. We solved this problem, and we think flying with a mouse will be just as good as with a joystick. Of course, we will support all the popular joysticks and gamepads."

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