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WWE's Shane McMahon Added To Wrestlemania 34, Despite Hospitalization

The Money is fine, but will he be able to compete?


Update: On Tuesday's Smackdown Live, Daniel Bryan announced he would team with Shane McMahon against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at Wrestlemania 34. With more than a week to go before the show, it's still possible a replacement could be named. The original story follows below.

Though it has yet to be announced, it's widely expected that Shane McMahon, who has been serving as commissioner of Smackdown Live, would insert himself into the Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn match at Wrestlemania 34. Chances are, though, there is going to be a major change in that plan.

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On Monday, WWE announced that McMahon had been hospitalized after developing a "massive infection due to acute diverticulitis." According to the report, he was also suffering from an umbilical hernia that would surgery once the infection had been taken care of. With less than two weeks before Wrestlemania 34, it seems unlikely that McMahon would be cleared for in-ring competition by then.

At the very least, Shane is able to get up and move around, as he posted an update on Instagram. In a photo with his sons, he writes, "Thank you everyone for the get well wishes. It truly helps. I'm healing up, and I have the best medicine in the world with me."

What's WWE to do without McMahon to utilize at Wrestlemania 34, though? The answer is pretty simple, actually: Daniel Bryan. After he was cleared to wrestle, many believed Bryan and Shane would both be added to the match with Owens and Zayn, creating a tag team bout. Without Shane, WWE could either bring in a replacement partner--paging Samoa Joe--or simply do a triple threat match between Bryan, Zayn, and Owens.

Whatever the case, there are a number of possibilities for WWE when it comes to Wrestlemania 34 and, though Shane will be missed on the show, there's no doubt that he'll be back sooner or later. After all, he is way too committed to jumping off of things to never come back.

Wrestlemania 34 will air live on the WWE Network on April 8. Make sure you keep up with all of GameSpot's Wrestlemania coverage, including who's going into the WWE Hall of Fame, match predictions, and who else we want to see Daniel Bryan face in the immediate future.

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