WWE's Roman Reigns Wants To Fight UFC's Jon Jones

"If you're going to step in the WWE ring, you're most likely going to want to be in there with the big dog."


Reigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones made headlines recently when he pondered a future in WWE, once he's done with MMA. "I think it’s inevitable," he told Sports Illustrated. "I've always respected WWE, and I feel like the sports can be so similar."

Should that come to pass, it sounds like he will be met with open arms by some within the wrestling company. While promoting the news that Wrestlemania 37 would be coming to the brand new SoFi Stadium in California, WWE superstar Roman Reigns had plenty of say about the potential of Jones becoming a professional wrestler.

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"He's definitely got tools. I mean, there's no doubt he's a bad man, no doubt," Reigns told GameSpot and a small group of other press during the event. "But obviously what we do is a little bit different than the octagon. And it's going to be a different travel schedule and different demands. But I definitely think he's got a great name. He's got a great work ethic. And he had a great, huge career still going in MMA. So I would absolutely say keep your eye on the ball from now, Jon. Don't worry about WWE. But I definitely think there could be a future for him if he can put in the time and transition and develop the skills that we use."

Should Jones end up in WWE, though, Reigns knows exactly who he should be matched against: himself. "Someone like Jon Jones, I mean, if you're going to step in the WWE ring, you're most likely going to want to be in there with the big dog," the former WWE Champion teased.

Perhaps Reigns is planting the seeds now for a match at Wrestlemania 37, which will air live on pay-per-view and the WWE Network on March 28, 2021.

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