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WWE's Ember Moon Wowed By Smash Bros At E3, And Ready For Money In The Bank, Despite Fear Of Heights

"E3 is like Christmas."

Money in the Bank has quickly become one of WWE's bigger events of the year. The titular matches involve a contract with a title shot contained within a briefcase, hanging above the ring. Whoever climbs a ladder and grabs the case first is the winner, which sounds like an easy task, as long as you're up for the challenge. One of the superstars involved in said match is Raw newcomer Ember Moon. She's had quite the busy week, spending some time at E3 in Los Angeles.

Moon spent the past week at E3 as part of the Smash Bros. Celebrity Invitational, and along with two other celebrities, took on professional Smasher Nairo. "The new game is phenomenal, it really is," Moon told GameSpot. "It brought back everything that was good about the GameCube and the Wii version and brought it all into one console. Man, it was great." During the Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, Moon used Pikachu, in a lucha outfit, and easily held her own. "I thought I was going in for a tournament, and we faced a pro, and we just got brutally demolished."

That wasn't all Moon was hyped for during the show. "E3 is like Christmas," she explained. Moon said she was excited for Dying Light [2], The Last of Us [Part] 2, and Super Mario Party. However, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey really wowed her. "I'm definitely going to get because I love the Assassin's Creed games."

On June 17, Moon will head to Chicago for the WWE PPV Money in the Bank, where she will compete with seven other women in a ladder match for a championship contract. "I'm pretty confident," Moon said. "It's not my first time getting to have fun with some ladders. There is a bit of uncertainty just to have competitors I've never been in the ring with, ever."

However, Moon is afraid of heights, which comes into play in a match in which you have to climb a ladder to win, but she's all about overcoming that on her road to becoming a WWE Champion: "Conquering fears. I don't think everyone knows I'm afraid of heights, but I constantly challenge that fear every single time and then being in the ring with seven other superstars as well that have completed so many accolades and goals in their careers, and I'm just getting started it seems, yeah, that can be a little scary. But like I said, I'm ready to rise to that challenge, and it's not going to deter me from getting that Money in the Bank contract."

What's amazing about that fear is that Moon's finisher, The Eclipse, is a top rope maneuver and a wondrous sight to witness at that--which you can see in the video below. "When I first started doing The Eclipse, I did it off the second rope. I was totally terrified to go to the top rope. I remember going to [Booker T, one of her many trainers during her career], and he was like, 'Man, you really need to try to top that off the top rope.' I'm like, 'No, I'm cool. I'm cool on the second. This is my home right now. We're going to be good here." And he talked me into doing it off the top rope, and it was so much more fluid as well because when you do it off the second you have to spin a lot faster 'cause you have to make sure you get around, but doing it from the top rope just worked."

Moon is a newer addition to the Raw women's roster, which has thankfully gone through some major changes the past few years, elevating the women to the same level as the men. They have been given the same opportunities, like competing in matches like Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble, and Money in the Bank, which had its first women's match in 2017: "It just proves that the women that did the first one did an amazing job, and they had to do it twice," Moon said referring to the June 27 episode of Smackdown where the women got a MITB rematch after interference from Carmella's valet, James Ellsworth. "They did a phenomenal job both times and this is only the evolution of that first time and this is going to be the second of many more to come. And it's just continuing to prove that one, we're just as good as the men too. We're not Porcelain Princesses, and we can take a hit."

Additionally, Moon stated that she'd love to do an Extreme Rules match and a TLC match, two of the more brutal bouts in WWE's canon. And again, Moon has no problem climbing up ladder, despite her fear, which is incredibly admirable to see that level of dedication to the craft.

She takes that dedication to craft and character outside of work with her, in her free time, when she plays Dungeons and Dragons as well. "I'm a big fan of 3.5," she said. If Moon's character was a in D&D she'd multi-classed. "I feel like I'd have to go Mage/Rogue, maybe. Like in that range. But like go toward that class of assassin with the rogue. So, I feel like that would be the best." However, Moon stated that she loves playing as a Monk, and it's her preferred class. Hopefully, we'll see Moon hitting a Flurry of Blows on her competitors at Money in the Bank.

Make sure to come back to GameSpot on Sunday, June 17 for live coverage of Money in the Bank. For more info on the show, check out the full match card, our predictions, the rumors surrounding the PPV, the betting odds, and our video feature about AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura.

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