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WWE's Daniel Bryan's Comeback Gets Him Powerbombed

Welcome back to WWE, Daniel Bryan. Enjoy this complimentary assault.


While some storylines in wrestling blur the lines between reality and fiction, the absence of Daniel Bryan from in-ring action has been very much a real-life ordeal. After sustaining multiple concussions, which led to seizures, Bryan was forced to retire in early 2016. Although he has been the Smackdown general manager since the summer of 2016, Bryan was not allowed to compete or fight at all in WWE. On the March 20 episode of Smackdown, Bryan announced his return to the world, only to very quickly be beaten to a pulp by aggravated superstars.

Daniel Bryan have a heartfelt speech on the Tuesday night show to let the world know that he's been cleared to compete in the ring again. The emotionally charged segment had Bryan with tears in his eyes during the opening moments of Smackdown. It was a sincere, beautiful moment to share with fans.

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However, this is WWE, and stories need to be told and friends need to be betrayed. Later in the evening, Bryan came out again to fire Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, who beat up Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon a week prior. Long story short, Zayn and Owens were not pleased, and they powerbombed Bryan on the ring apron after an in-ring assault.

While this is seemingly all setting up a Wrestlemania match between Bryan and Shane McMahon taking on Owens and Zayn, what WWE did sensationally well with this segment was let Bryan play to the crowd. We got to see the "Yes Kicks," Bryan's dropkicks in the corner, and overall, it was an exceptionally exciting moment.

This was the first time Bryan has fought on television since April 26, 2016, when he and John Cena took on Cesaro and Tyson Kidd--another wrestler forced early into retirement because of injury. Bryan looked pretty good in the ring; however, the main worry is that Bryan will still use his high-risk, in-ring style which got him hurt in the first place. While there was nothing more exciting than seeing Bryan compete back in the ring, he has to play it safe for his latest run.

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