WWE's Breezango Thinks It's Cool Their Twin Peaks Spoof Gained Mainstream Attention

"No more metaphors!"


Over the summer, WWE superstars Tyler Breeze and Fandango, known to fans as the comedic tag team of Breezango, made waves when their Twin Peaks spoof "Fashion Peaks" received mainstream attention from those who don't typically follow wrestling.

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During the WWE 2K18 event at WWE's archives in Connecticut, the fashion-forward wrestlers spoke to GameSpot about how their weekly segment, known as The Fashion Files, came to be: "It all kinda naturally just happened, man," explained Breeze. "We kinda stumbled upon something, and then we go, 'That was kinda cool.' So then all of a sudden it gets more, and more. Before you know it, you kind of have, you know, a room full of people laughing as you're filming stuff. You just kinda go, I think this is good."

Back in May, the Fashion Files segment first aired, which was a spoof of the police procedural Law & Order. From there, the tag team parodied other popular shows from the past including Walker, Texas Ranger, Miami Vice, and The X-Files; however, it was their segment "Fashion Peaks," which turned everyone's heads.

"It's something different that I don't think we've ever done here in the WWE, kind of, spoofing those old television shows," explained Fandango. "People like it, you know, it brings an outside audience that kinda draws their attention to, 'What are these guys doing?' Whether they see the clip on YouTube or whatever. Even, actually, the main actor from Twin Peaks... They get it. They think it's cool that we're kinda spoofing them."

Because the segment aired just a few weeks before Twin Peaks returned for a new season, Fashion Peaks got a lot of attention. "It's kinda cool when you're doing stuff like this, and we definitely pride ourselves a lot on hearing back from the fans," said Breeze. "Kinda hearing what everybody thinks of it. Especially doing this type of stuff. If you turn on Smackdown, or Raw, you're kind of expecting wrestling. But if you get the Fashion Files, it's kinda something different, and a lot of people say, 'Hey, this is my first time watching and I loved it. Because it wasn't what I was expecting.' It's kinda cool hearing that."

"Huge Twin Peaks fans are now tuning in to watch wrestling to see if these weird dudes are going to do another spoof or not," Fandango said.

The Fashion Files returns to WWE's Tuesday night show Smackdown on October 3, and the duo gave us a little taste of what's coming: "We still got some unsolved mysteries we gotta solve there," explained Breeze. "We got 2B to figure out. Aiden English is our only lead." In addition, Fandango went on to say they have some "Hell in the Cell business to take care of," and they'll be arresting some culprits leading into the October 8 PPV.

Both Fandango and Tyler Breeze will be playable characters in WWE 2K18, coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 17. In addition, the game will come to Switch at a later date. You can check out every confirmed wrestler in the game here and learn what's coming to this year's edition for DLC.

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