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WWE's Breezango Battles GameSpot's Created Wrestler In All-Out WWE 2K18 Brawl

Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime battle.

One of the most fun things about wrestling games is creating your own wrestler, whether that character looks just like you, is based on a show or movie you love, or is a nomadic former Circuit City employee--more on that later. Recently, WWE stars Tyler Breeze and Fandango, better known as the Smackdown Live tag team Breezango, visited the GameSpot offices, and we put them to task, asking them to create a wrestler that could beat the one we made.

Obviously, being put on the spot to create a dominant superstar is no simple task, which you can see in the video above, but the fashionable duo pulled elements from some familiar places, mainly former wrestler Michael P.S. Hayes. They did what they could in WWE 2K18 in order to battle our creation Rick "The Real Deal," a heartbroken shell of a man who has yet to learn his employer, Circuit City, is no longer in business.

In addition, Breezango answered your questions from Twitter, which almost broke up the duo on several occasions. Earlier this year, Breezango's segments spoofing television shows went viral with their parody of Twin Peaks, cleverly titled "Fashion Peaks." The duo thought it was pretty cool that they got mainstream attention from the segment, when we talked to them at a 2K event in Connecticut.

With WWE 2K18's release on October 17, 2K devs promised more detailed customization as well as completely re-tooled promos. While the game delivered on both of those aspects, the final product had its fair share of fixable issues upon release. In GameSpot's WWE 2K18 review--which received a 5/10--Richard Wakeling said, "This series has always suffered from its fair share of glitches, but they're especially egregious and plentiful this year." Glitches aside, the create-a-star section of the game is the best its been in years.

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Editor of GameSpot Entertainment. Continues to Bolieve. Very snarky about wrestling on the Twitter.
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