WWE's Bobby Roode On Dream Matches, Facing Dolph Ziggler, And Asuka On The Main Roster

"I'm getting an opportunity to live my dream."


Smackdown's roster got a whole lot more glorious in the past few months as former NXT champion Bobby Roode made his way onto the Tuesday night show. During the WWE 2K18 event at WWE Archives, the "Glorious One" spoke to GameSpot about his future with the sports entertainment company.

Bobby Roode in WWE 2K18
Bobby Roode in WWE 2K18

After a yearlong run on NXT, which included a title reign, Roode moved up to Smackdown this past August. Although Roode has had a long career in sports entertainment outside of WWE, he's excited to be on Smackdown and looks forward to what's next. "Of course being on Smackdown is a huge career highlight for me," explained Roode. "I really enjoyed my time in NXT. It was an amazing experience there, but you can't get complacent in this business. Obviously being on Smackdown, there are a lot of guys there that I wanna get in the ring with. As far as the character goes, I'm just out there having fun. I got a smile on my face, and why wouldn't I? I'm getting an opportunity to live my dream, go out there every week, and be a part of Smackdown Live and make Smackdown Live 'glorious.'"

As he mentioned, there are a lot of people Roode would like to get into the ring with. However, it seemed hard for Roode to single out just one or two people he'd like to work with: "Oh man, I'd be standing here for probably an hour," said Roode. "Yeah, Seth Rollins, the guy who is on the cover of 2K18; Roman Reigns; and Dean Ambrose. Let's talk about the Smackdown side. We got Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Randy Orton, and Rusev. There are just a ton of guys. The sky's the limit really, and I feel like a kid in a candy store, like I'm starting my career all over again because there is so many cool opportunities that await. So, hopefully I'll get a chance to work with all of those guys."

Currently, Roode is in the middle of a feud with longtime WWE staple Dolph Ziggler, who has been mocking grandiose entrances from other superstars, which includes Roode. This is leading to their PPV match on October 8 at the Hell in a Cell PPV. However, the Glorious One had nothing but positive things to say about Ziggler: "I think it's gonna be great. Dolph has been here for a long time, and I always thought that he was an incredible talent," explained Roode. "Him and I really aren't that different; I said it on TV last time. You know we're really alike in a lot of ways. We both demand respect in the ring, we both want to go out there and tell a great story, and we want to perform everything on the show. I think if we have that attitude going into the match, we have an opportunity to do what he says every day, which is 'go out there and steal the show.'"

Roode's former home of NXT is filled with an incredible amount of talent, and one of the biggest stars on the roster is former NXT Women's Champion Asuka. She is current sidelined with an injury, but her title reign lasted 523 days and she has an active win streak longer than Goldberg's from the Attitude Era. "She's gonna be dominant, she really is," explained Roode. "There's never been another superstar, let alone a woman, who has ever dominated this way since maybe Goldberg. I think it's gonna be an exciting time for Raw. It's obviously a very exciting time for Auska as well. So, it's just a shame that she's got that collar bone injury, and that she couldn't have come up any sooner. But, she's got a long career ahead of her. She's gonna be very successful, and she's an amazing talent. So, I'm looking forward to watching her."

Bobby Roode battles Dolph Ziggler on Sunday, October 8, at Hell in a Cell. In addition, the WWE tag team Breezango talked to us about their Twin Peaks spoof going viral, and WWE 2K18 devs discussed some of the new features in this year's installment.

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