WWE's Big E Has Nothing But Nice Things To Say About The Usos

WWE's Big E talks about wrestlers that helped inspire New Day's moves in the ring, including a team from AEW, along with his feelings on the Usos and their evolution as superstars.


For almost six years, Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods have delighted audiences and put on spectacular performances as the tag team The New Day. In modern-day wrestling, being on the same team for six years is a huge accomplishment, especially considering how quickly sports entertainment moves. Recently, the team beat The Miz and Jey Uso to reclaim the Smackdown Tag Team Championships--sort of. In reality, Big E beat The Miz and Jey Uso in a triple threat match for the titles. They are a team that has consistently been at the top of WWE, regardless of the situation they're in.

However, when the New Day first formed and became a tag team, they needed to learn how to work together in the ring--and with an audience that wasn't very interested in the beginning. While they had all been involved in tag team action separately, they needed to figure out their own style as a trio, and the three did their research.

"We definitely watched a lot of stuff, and honestly, we watched the Young Bucks stuff," Big E told GameSpot. "Absolutely, Young Bucks. We watched the other contemporaries, the older teams. As a bigger guy, I watched Legion of Doom. I don't know if you look at my work like, 'Oh there's LOD. I see that influence.' One of our biggest things is we didn't necessarily want to be like, 'Oh, you know, Doom is great. We want to be like them.'

"We wanted to be unique. How do we become unique? How do we separate ourselves from our peers? How do we offer something that no one else is offering right now? And those were always the biggest things. I think we can fill that niche or fill a void that's not currently being filled by anyone else. And you do it well, you can have a spot for years."

When it comes to being unique and having a spot for years, there's arguably one one team that's been able to do it as well as New Day and that's The Usos, who they've been feuding with off-and-on for a very long time. "It's my favorite rivalry," explained Big E. "It's got to be my favorite rivalry in my career. Those guys are incredible in the ring. Man, I was so proud of them for the way they reinvented themselves. When they got to SmackDown, they were guys who were off doing the facepaint stuff. They're still killing it, and having great matches. They realized their career was floundering, and the way they turned things, the way they stepped it up, they killed it. I remember they moved to SmackDown, and we were just watching those guys from home do their thing. I was super proud of them for just being incredible with the way they turned things, and put on great matches too.

"But I feel like we bring the best out of each other. The way those guys see our industry, the way they look at matches, and what it means. We're just eye-to-eye on everything in that aspect. So those guys are incredible. We've been fortunate enough to work a lot of really great talented tag teams, but no disrespect to anyone else, but Usos are on another level, and it's been so cool to see people show them the love they deserve for the last two years."

Once again, the New Day are the Smackdown Tag Team Champions, and Big E celebrated with a hilarious post-match workout video on WWE's website.You can see Big E and the rest of the New Day on Smackdown, which airs Friday at 8 PM / 7 PM CT on Fox.

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