WWE's 1995 In Review, From Shawn Michaels To King Mabel | Wrestle Buddies Episode 40

This week, we revisit WWE's 1995--from the highs of Shawn Michaels'main event rise to the lows of Man Mountain Rock.


This week on Wrestle Buddies, GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast, our homework is due. For months, Mat Elfring has been watching every episode of WWE Monday Night Raw and every pay-per-view from 1995, and now it's time to look back at WWE's weirdest--and perhaps worst--year of programming.

Chris and Mat review the highs and lows from 1995, including the rise of Shawn Michaels to main event superstar, Papa Shango being repackaged as a biker and wannabe ultimate fighter, and the time WWE gave a house to a child--yes, that actually happened. Also, did you know the secret inspiration for Bray Wyatt's WWE character was introduced in 1995? Get ready to meet Waylon Mercy.

This is a year that doesn't get talked about much. After all, it's post-Hulkamania running wild, but WWE had yet to launch the Attitude Era. Instead, the "New Generation" as they termed it, is a time where WWE got experimental with its characters and storylines. A lot of them were bad, yes, but it's interesting to look back on a time when the company wasn't afraid to get weird and over-the-top with its product to see what gained traction with the audience. This is definitely a journey you want to join us on.

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