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WWE Wrestler Brags About His Pokemon Go Level During a Promo on Raw

Team Valor's not so popular with the live Raw crowd.


Seemingly everyone is playing Pokemon Go, and you can count WWE wrestler Xavier Woods among that group.

On Raw last night, Woods came out with The New Day to cut a promo in which they do their usual bragging and dancing routine. At the 3:21 mark of the video below, he then decided to take things up a notch, proclaiming, "Considering the fact that I am a level 21--yes, level 21--Pokemon Go trainer…"

Following a round of cheer, he added, "Team Valor for life," which was not received quite as warmly. He then began naming off Pokemon, including Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Gengar, before saying he planned to rattle off all original 150. John Cena then cut him off, thus ending WWE Pokemon Hour.

That Woods apparently plays the game shouldn't come as a surprise--just a few months ago, he busted out a textbook Street Fighter-style Hadouken during a match.

Pokemon Go's popularity is impossible to deny--it's provided a tremendous boost to Nintendo's stock price (despite Nintendo not being the developer and owning only a third of The Pokemon Company) and given other, unrelated businesses with a boost. It also continues to dominate the App Store.

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