WWE Wrestlemania 34 Results: Braun Strowman / Nicholas Vs. The Bar Highlights

Braun-ski beat


The Undertaker showing up or not to answer John Cena's challenge was not the only mystery heading into Wrestlemania 34 at New Orleans' Superdome on April 8. Braun Strowman--he of the ridiculous feats of strength and the annoying habit of attempting to continually murder his work colleagues through said strength feats--didn't have an official partner to take on The Bar (aka Cesaro and Sheamus) for the Raw Tag Team Championship going into the event. And he didn't until it started.

Of course, Strowman being the monster nutjob that he is has previously proclaimed that he could take both members of The Bar himself, but Raw general manager Kurt Angle officially decreed that a two-on-one match for a tag team title simply ain't happening. That didn't stop Strowman from coming to the ring alone.

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Plenty of rumors swirled around who that mystery partner could be. Would it be one of the many mid-carders crowding the Raw locker room, or even a returning WWE superstar (we'd have loved for it to be Rey Mysterio, though injuries may have prevented that). Strowman showing off his power has become one of the best parts of the big man's gimmick, and something ridiculous happening was all but assured. Here's how things played out.

  • The Bar comes out in a Mardi Gras-like float surrounded by about a dozen performers, before segueing into their regular theme song (and finishing off with the Dragonball nod they've been doing recently). Braun Strowman comes out and promptly scares all of the Bar's Mardi Gras performers away. Of course, because this is Braun, he showcases his strength by pushing the entire float off the top of the ramp. Classic Braun.
  • As for his partner, it's finally revealed to be... someone Braun picks from the crowd? Braun stalks around the stadium, looking for a potential partner. He finally settles on a young dude named Nicholas. Braun tells Nicholas to stay on the apron while he gives The Bar "these hands".
  • After some early dominance from Braun, the numbers game eventually catches up, and The Bar begins to dominate. Both even manages to lift Braun in the air for a huge slam.
  • Holy s***! Braun just tagged the kid in!
  • But it's a swerve folks. Nicholas quickly tags Braun back in, he powerslams Cesaro, and gets the pin. Braun and Nicholas wins!
  • This was... pretty sweet? What an awesome memory for the that kid. Of course, now I have a million questions. Is Nicholas now a touring member of the WWE? Or will he get shunted to NXT first? Will his entrance music be the theme from Mickey mouse Clubhouse?

Subsequently, we've learned that Nicholas may in fact be the son of a WWE ref. Whatever the case, it wasn't the only surprise of the night, as you can read about in the full Wrestlemania 34 results recap. You can catch a replay on the WWE Network.

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