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WWE Wrestlemania 34 Match Predictions: Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar Match

Who will emerge triumphant when The Beast meets The Big Dog?

Roman Reigns is going to beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 34. This much we know, with near 100% certainty. Sorry to disappoint you.

There will be contrarian predictions over the next two weeks, but those predictions will be wrong. There will be no Seth Rollins plot swerve. There will be no eleventh-hour booking change by Vince McMahon. Lesnar won the WWE Universal title from Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33, and since then, he has defeated every other conceivable threat to his dominance. He defeated Samoa Joe. He defeated Braun Strowman. Reigns is the only viable opponent left. Reigns vs. Lesnar is a rematch of the two men's Wrestlemania 31 main event, which creates narrative closure to their feud. It would be impossible to duplicate the same level of excitement on a smaller stage.

Reigns is also winning because the WWE writers painted themselves into a figurative corner. Brock Lesnar, according to the storyline, is a spoiled, entitled champion who doesn't care about the fans, blows off scheduled appearances, and coasts on the hard work of younger, hungrier, full-time wrestlers. Roman Reigns, meanwhile, is the man who loves the fans and sacrifices his health and happiness to put smiles on their faces. WWE has sold fans on the following premise: that so long as Lesnar is champion, Monday Night Raw is worse off for it. To have Lesnar beat Reigns is a tacit admission that the show will continue to be bad.

There's every reason to believe that Reigns vs. Lesnar will be fantastic. The last time they faced one another, Brock ended the evening with blood running down his face. Reigns didn't, but of the two men, he arguably got hurt more. Brock's moves were stiffer than usual that evening; a particularly vicious lariat sent Reigns crashing off the apron. Reigns took so many German suplexes that Lesnar improvised a meme--"Suplex City, b***h!"--around it.

The more WWE makes Reigns physically suffer, the more people cheer him instead of boo him. You can see the exact moment the tide shifts during Wrestlemania 31, when Reigns is rolling on the ground in pain, laughing like a long-haired, greased-up Tyler Durden. This past year, Strowman threw Reigns into tables, hurled him against an ambulance and shoved him into any hard, unforgiving surface nearest to them. The crowds ate it up. And most recently on the March 19 episode of Raw, Lesnar beat Reigns with a steel chair before tipping over his stretcher.

Beating Reigns to a pulp satisfies multiple audiences in multiple ways. His fans empathize with his pain. His haters love to see him suffer. And everyone loves a good beatdown. The YouTube videos of Reigns getting pulverized are some of the most watched videos on WWE's official channel.

Love him or hate him, one positive factor about Roman Reigns is indisputable: he is quite possibly the most durable man on the roster. The man can take a hard beating and keep coming back for more. Even his most venomous critics can concede that. Hurting Reigns to get him over isn't a viable long-term strategy--he'll have a truncated career if he keeps hurling himself into metal objects-- but it might work in the short term for Wrestlemania 34.

Reigns is winning on April 8, and he's going to earn the Universal Championship the hard way. Perhaps, that'll be enough for the majority of fans to finally get on board with him. Lesnar, meanwhile, may be on his way back to UFC soon.

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Roman Reigns is going to beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 34. This much we know, with near 100% certainty. Sorry to disappoint you. hahahahahahaha you guys know a lot

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Heyman turns on Brock, becomes Reigns mouthpiece. Forcing the fans to either like Reigns, or boo Heyman

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Lesnar is a poison to wrestling or to the UFC he doesn't care about the fans who pays his paycheck in both of them he's really just a poison all the way around being a wrestling and a UFC fan I wish he would just retire but anyway you needs to get out of wrestling and let these young guys who really care about the fans and show up every week get the job done because he is a poison and nobody wants to see him anymore I'm not a Roman Reigns fan but I think Roman Reigns said what everybody else should be feeling it's what I'm feeling it's way past time for Brock Lesnar to lose his belt and it would be political Justice it won't happen but what should happen is Vince should come out at the end of the match and fire Brock Lesnar on the spot what I would love to see happen is Vince and Dana come out together and Vince fire him and Dana say you don't have a job UFC either maybe he can work for Bellator or something making 5 figures a year

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roman reigns beat brock lasner on 19 march 2018 if roman hands unlocked really http://www.annexorien.com/

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Haven't watched in a while. Decided to give Roman another try on last RAW. Almost immediately I was bored out of mind. He simply has no charisma. Yes, it's cliche but go watch Stone Cold or The Rock and just night and day. He just can't hold an audience the way a headliner needs to.

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The only good thing about Roman beating Lesnar is that the title will become available. He'll probably lose it to Strowman or Samoa Joe the next time they fight. Or, hell, even the Miz.

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No, people wont be on board with Reigns until he can cut a decent promo. Right now, he's a knuckle dragging Neanderthal with zero personality and an outdated one dimensional "tough guy" gimmick that only gets over with hormone driven teenage girls. He's the same guy he was when he debuted with The Shield and hasn't evolved since. Same look, same entrance music, same move set, same everything. He should've stayed as the mute big man in the back while Ambrose and Rollins do all the talking instead of being shoved down our throats at every WrestleMania.

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@vega13mv: "Right now, he's a knuckle dragging Neanderthal with zero personality and an outdated one dimensional "tough guy" gimmick that only gets over with hormone loaded UFC wanna bees". Now it describes Brock Lesnar.

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No, we won’t get on board with it. Stop with that. Stop spreading that. People were cheering “You deserve it” when he was getting strapped into the gurney. He is the worst thing to happen to wrestling. Just stop.

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@lj40: wow, that got out of hand quickly. Listen, clearly wrestling is a scripted event where enemies are actually friends in real life. The reason people are watching wrestling is to see how the story will unfold. Roman Reigns ruins the story, you know he’s going to win and they force him down your throat constantly. There is nothing about him that makes want to watch; in fact, he makes me turn off what is happening. His “feud” with Brock Lesnar is a joke and the fact that it is the main event Wrestlemania is flabbergasting. The entire purpose of winning the Royal Rumble is to main event Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns will have his fourth consecutive main event. So, I reiterate, Roman Reigns is the worst thing in wrestling.