WWE SmackDown headed to PC online market

THQ working with Korean developer Vertigo on a new approach to games for the US-based wrestling company.


Last year, THQ revealed plans to take its real-time strategy franchise Company of Heroes into the world of online gaming in Asia. While that title has yet to come to fruition, today the publisher confirmed it would be bringing another of its popular series to the continent.

In late 2010, THQ is planning to launch WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW Online (working title) for Korean PC gamers, with a wider Asian release to follow. A THQ representative could not comment for GameSpot on any release for the game in other regions.

To help the game crack the Asian online PC market, THQ has enlisted Korean studio Vertigo Games to handle development of the title. The developer has previously produced the online fighting game Kwonho and the massively multiplayer military first-person shooter Black Shot.

SmackDown! vs. RAW Online will allow players to create a wrestler and take them through a career in single-player or multiplayer matches with the goal of enshrinement in the WWE Hall of Fame. The game will utilize a microtransaction-driven business model that lets player purchase items, abilities, and themes to help them on their way.

In addition to SmackDown! vs. RAW Online and the Company of Heroes project, THQ has two more online PC titles in the works, both of them MMOGs. The higher-profile of the pair is the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 game, but the publisher is also working on the more casual-focused Dragonica, which it will bring to North America next year.

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