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WWE Roster Releases 2020: Drake Maverick, Kurt Angle, And Other Wrestlers React

WWE performers were given some harsh news today, how did they react to being let go?


On Wednesday afternoon, WWE chairman Vince McMahon held a phone conference announcing that cuts to the company were coming. Wave one of cuts came an hour after it concluded, which resulted in Drake Maverick, Lio Rush, EC3, road agents, and more losing their jobs.

However, there was a lot that led up to this decision by WWE. McMahon was also recently named an official in President's Trump committee to advise on reopening sports and was recently declared an "essential business" by Orange County, Florida.

Several wrestlers responded to the news of their release the best they could and took to Twitter to thank fans.

It's obvious that professional wrestling has seen some dark days in decades past, but this could be just the start of the number of releases to come. Gamespot will update accordingly.

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