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Once a year, WWE hosts its annual Hell in a Cell PPV, where high-profile feuds end with wrestlers in a head-to-head battle inside the titular event match. This year's Hell in a Cell has a lot of promise, with multiple title defenses and highly-anticipated matches. If you're looking for results, you've come to the right place, as GameSpot will have live match updates as the show goes on, which you can see below.

Fans will not be in attendance for this event, as Hell in a Cell will take place in the Thunderdome. Currently, the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida is where the Thunderdome calls home. So while the cheers and boos may be piped in through speakers, at least you'll get to see WWE fans at home reacting to the action inside the ring.

And even though you're watching the show from the comfort of your own couch, WWE's PPVs haven't been very long affairs, so while the main card begins at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT, it shouldn't run much longer than 11 PM ET / 8 PM PT. This is just speculation though, as neither Peacock or WWE have revealed how long Hell in a Cell will run.

Before the main card, there is the Kickoff Show, which you can watch for free on YouTube and on Twitter. If you want to keep up with the main card though, you'll need to subscribe to Peacock's Premium or Premium Plus tier if you live in the United States. If you're outside of the US, you can watch Hell in a Cell on the WWE Network. Below, you'll find the match card for the PPV.

Match card:

  • Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (Raw Women's Championship match)
  • Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Drew McIntyre (WWE Championship Hell in a Cell match)
  • Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley (Smackdown Women's Championship Hell in a Cell match)
  • Alexa Bliss vs. Shayna Baszler
  • Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins
  • Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

While you're waiting around for the live updates from Hell in a Cell, why not check out the latest episode of GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast Wrestle Buddies? This week, Mat Elfring, Chris E. Hayner, and their sophisticated AI Predictionbot 3000 give you their opinions of who will win and lose these matches. Are they right? We won't know until the end of the PPV. Check out the episode above.

Below, you'll find live match updates for Hell in a Cell, along with a few thoughts for each match.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley wearing sunglasses inside because his future is so bright.
WWE Champion Bobby Lashley wearing sunglasses inside because his future is so bright.

Kickoff Show

Notes for the Kickoff Show will pop up here in case there is a change in the match card.

Prior to the Kickoff Show beginning, one match was added to the Kickoff Show. Natalya will take on Mandy Rose for the pre-show.

There seems to be wide-spread problems with Hell in a Cell loading on Peacock. We can confirm, as it's not loading on the service on a PS5. Luckily, the PPV works on my phone. So I guess I'll cover this bad boy from my phone screen?

Mandy Rose vs. Natalya

The storyline leading into this match is a bit weird. Natalya thinks Rose is nothing more that a fitness model--even though Rose has been in the WWE for quite some time--and Rose makes claims of nepotism on Natalya and Tamina. It boils down to, "Who is the legit wrestler?" That's a weird story for any wrestler in WWE. You're in WWE. You should be seen as legit.

The match itself was fine. Lots of back and forth, with a lot of back-and-forth two counts. This match did what it was supposed to. It warmed up the crowd for the rest of the PPV.

Natalya submits Rose.

Main Card

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Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley

(Smackdown Women's Championship Hell in a Cell match)

This was a long, brutal match that stayed entirely inside the cell. While it didn't live up to their Wrestlemania 37 bout--which was incredible--the Hell in a Cell match between Belair and Bayley was dynamite. Hopefully, this isn't the end to their feud, as this duo puts on some incredible PPV matches.

Belair wins by pin.

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Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins attacked Cesaro during his entrance. This match was made to make Cesaro look strong. He provided many feats of strength, many of which involved Cesaro slowly lifting Rollins. He's a strong wrestleman. While a quick roll-up pin may not be the climactic conclusion people were hoping for, it does lengthen this feud, and this is a feud that should continue. This pitstop on Cesaro's rise to the main event has been fantastic. Also, Cesaro should have been a main event guy a long time ago. He doesn't set the bar. He is the bar. I'm not sorry for writing that.

Rollins wins by pin.

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Alexa Bliss vs. Shayna Baszler

Blumhouse presents, Annabelle 5: Lilly In Shayna's Dressing Room. We were all treated to a long video package prior to the match to remind us all that Baszler is running from a doll that just pops up places. Luckily, after the package, we got to see Reginald speak French.

This was a short one that really didn't do anything for either of the wrestlers involved. However, we did get to see Bliss and Nia Jax scream at each other because Jax was hypnotized. That's a thing that happened.

Alexa Bliss wins by pin.

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Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Much of the match played into the fact that Kevin Owens hurt his ribs, so he was battling while hurt. This wasn't one of their best bouts against each other, but because Zayn and Owens know each other so well, it was still good. Zayn winning was a bit of a surprise, but hopefully, because Owens wasn't at 100%, we'll get to see them fight again at Money at the Bank.

Zayn wins by pin.

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Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

(Raw Women's Championship match)

Charlotte ends up picking up the win; however, because of champion's advantage, Rhea retains the title. Obviously, we'll see a rematch between the two wrestlers at Money in the Bank. More than likely, it will be a No DQ or Falls Count Anywhere match, where the champion's advantage won't be in effect.

Charlotte wins by DQ. Ripley is still champion.

No Caption Provided

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

(WWE Championship Hell in a Cell match)

If you're looking for a couple of beefy wrestlemen beating each other to a pulp inside a cage, utilizing weapons from outside and under the ring, I have a match for you... this one. Quite a few enjoyable and unique moments here, including MVP trapping McIntyre in the corner by putting a kendo stick through the cage. This resulted in McIntyre flipping off Lashley, before getting the snot kicked out of him.

However, this was a bit of a long one. At times, it was a little slow, but was a solid match nonetheless. The finish was a bit of a letdown, as MVP got into the mix again, distracting McIntyre, which allowed Lashley to get the rollup pin. Because of the finish, we might see McIntyre in the championship mix again, even though this was his "last time" challenging Lashley for the title.

Bobby Lashley wins by pin.

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