WWE Brawls on 360, PS3, Wii next year

THQ's new Saturday morning cartoon-style wrestling game planned to tie in with new toy line, animated series.


Earlier this year, THQ released WWE All-Stars, an over-the-top take on pro wrestling with exaggerated grapplers executing similarly exaggerated moves. Next year, THQ will debut another new WWE game that apparently takes a step further in that direction. Set for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, WWE Brawl will offer a "Saturday morning cartoon feel," with the company's biggest wrestlers taking their grudge matches out of the ring.

Gamers will be able to Brawl for it all next year.
Gamers will be able to Brawl for it all next year.

Looking to infuse the game's roster with a superhero slant, WWE Brawl will feature new takes on the likes of John Cena and the Undertaker with "super powers, impossible moves, [and] exotic back stories," working out their differences through melee combat in fully destructible environments. There are also plans for the WWE Brawl brand to extend well beyond the gaming ring, with a Mattel toy line, licensed clothing, and even an animated series.

Although THQ has been quiet about the title, WWE Brawl was actually announced in April at the WWE Global Business Partners Summit (video of which is now available on the company's official site) on the eve of the company's biggest annual event, Wrestlemania. The announcement of WWE Brawl and a teaser trailer for the game are available at the 72-minute mark of the video, although the promo clip recently surfaced by itself on YouTube.

For more on THQ's last over-the-top take on the WWE, check out GameSpot's review of WWE All-Stars.

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