WWE Brawls on 360, PS3, Wii next year

THQ's new Saturday morning cartoon-style wrestling game planned to tie in with new toy line, animated series.


Earlier this year, THQ released WWE All-Stars, an over-the-top take on pro wrestling with exaggerated grapplers executing similarly exaggerated moves. Next year, THQ will debut another new WWE game that apparently takes a step further in that direction. Set for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, WWE Brawl will offer a "Saturday morning cartoon feel," with the company's biggest wrestlers taking their grudge matches out of the ring.

Gamers will be able to Brawl for it all next year.
Gamers will be able to Brawl for it all next year.

Looking to infuse the game's roster with a superhero slant, WWE Brawl will feature new takes on the likes of John Cena and the Undertaker with "super powers, impossible moves, [and] exotic back stories," working out their differences through melee combat in fully destructible environments. There are also plans for the WWE Brawl brand to extend well beyond the gaming ring, with a Mattel toy line, licensed clothing, and even an animated series.

Although THQ has been quiet about the title, WWE Brawl was actually announced in April at the WWE Global Business Partners Summit (video of which is now available on the company's official site) on the eve of the company's biggest annual event, Wrestlemania. The announcement of WWE Brawl and a teaser trailer for the game are available at the 72-minute mark of the video, although the promo clip recently surfaced by itself on YouTube.

For more on THQ's last over-the-top take on the WWE, check out GameSpot's review of WWE All-Stars.

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lol February 8th, 2013. THQ is bankrupt and I never even heard of this game before.

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looks like mortal combat )=

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Really THQ! I saw the GAMEPLAY. It look gay and poor graphics. More cartoon look you guys make WWE look bad.

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They knew it was going to fail, so they took down the video.

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Hahahaha.... the video was taken down by WWE! :lol:

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You know your game sucks when you have to pull down the trailer. There's a vote of no confidence if I ever saw one.

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The scripted acting on the real WWE shows is better than this idea.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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This looks pretty stupid.

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Midway did something similar to this years ago in an arcade game called WWF Wrestlemania. Of course, in that one, it still resembled wrestling. Who knows, though, this one may end up being good, even if it has very little to do with actual wrestling.

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Looks, uh, weird. Not sure why they made All Stars which seemed to look like a similar style of fighting only to then do it this way a few months later.

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wtf? wwe meets street fighter with mortal kombat backgrounds?! horrible and cheap result...

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wwe games all sucked

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What the hell is this? Looks like WWE meets Streets of Rage or something. Game looks terrible though. It's not even a wrestling game anymore. What is TH-Q doing? I agree, All-Stars actually looked better and at least it was wrestling for that game. TH-Q is killing this franchise. I want a wrestling game with over 100 wrestlers from different eras. All with their own special movies and finishers. I want to be able to have a Royal Rumble online multiplayer with 16 wrestlers all in the ring at the same time. Bring back the detailed career modes.

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All Stars is pretty cool but this may be a tad too exaggerated. I'd rather have a more polished All Stars personally.

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This will sell 6... maybe 7 copies

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Did WCW make a game like this and it turned out to be crap? Welcome to the kid-friendly/vanilla era of the WWE.

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OMG what to buy next year, this "game" or Bioshock Infinite...you are making this way too hard THQ, way too hard...:roll:

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WT.F is this hahahaha

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This doesn't look like something I would play.

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mmm i dont know

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why can't the guys at THQ make another game like "here comes the pain" where wrestlers didn't have super powers and didn't look like the incredible hulk...............so dissapointing and sad to watch the trailer

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They should release it on the PS2 aswell. Just for kicks.

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@uk_friday lol

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@J4m3sR4n0r72 hahahaha

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this looks like mortal kombat and street fighter are meeting WWE btw this isnt for PC and i hope they will release PC WWE game soon

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Could this be one of the reasons why CM Punk is leaving the WWE after Money in the Bank?

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How good a brawl game can be?

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Hope it's at least fun. Looks like a cross between SSB and Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game. Never heard of the WCW Backstage Assault many have mentioned.

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WWE sucks now overall..WWF and its Attitude era 4 life

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OMG this sucks, its like Teletubbies meets Barnie

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WCW Backstage Assault + WWE All Stars = WWE Brawl. Total waste of time & money.

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This game is not meant for anyone posting on this site. My six year old saw it and got jacked. He's the audience they're making it for. So the over 12 crowd should relax and play the big boy version.

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@wexorian dont you mean we remember the days when it was WWF?

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Looks worse than All Stars...no joke.

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Looks cool in a way 8)

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this is total def jam wrestling series here. interesting. the def jam games for the ps2, wii and xbox showed people why a lot of folks loved the aki wrestling games. maybe this will give folks a bit of that perhaps

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WWE Brawl doesn't look too bad but it seems to be a 2D arcade fighting game. There are other arcade fighters out there and they're very good games. The WWE license won't be enough for me to buy this.

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The younger crowd will eat this up.. It kinda reminds me of DEF Jam fight for NY in a way

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@Skargamer - Shame on you. You haven't played the latest Mortal Kombat have you? Thanks to how awesome that game is, you can add that to the list of best fighters around. But yeah THQ taking this route is pretty dumb. A combination of arcade and wrestling gameplay like All Stars is what they should have stuck with. That was a game with potential and was quite fun. A solid advancement on All Stars is what I want. Not this abomination.

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we all remember Old days when WWE was cool Now Serious every next games is like it's predcesor with litle better graphic that's it and now this this is figthing game just :D

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What the f... is this??!! This isn't wrestling anymore!! It's an arcade fighting game, for this i'll buy Mortal Kombat or Street Fighting... and it has superpowers....geez, to be honest i've never liked wrestling but now, i'm starting to hate it...

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This isn't wrestling anymore, its just arcade fighting, which Street Fighter and Tekken and Soul Calibur do best. Why take this route THQ?

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what a stupid idea

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I just hope this isn't a substitute for All Stars 2.

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Anyone else remember the classic WWF "Hulk Hogans Rock 'n Wrestling" ? Good times. I doubt the current WWE roster would make the same impact. Their 'characters' don't have as absurd backstories.

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all stars was a fun game but if was gaven more attention could've been a high point in the wwe gaming series in my opinion but this idea they have coming out next year is a joke its not even worth taking another look at later on during the release...

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I thought this was a joke...this is just sad. WTF?!