WWE And New Japan Pro-Wrestling Could Be Working Together Very Soon - Report

It is reported that WWE and NJPW could reach a working agreement this year.


WWE President Nick Khan has been talking with New Japan Pro-Wrestling over a working relationship, according to a report from Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The idea is that WWE will be the exclusive American company to crossover with Japan's biggest wrestling promotion.

The report also includes that it would involve WWE sending talent and top stars to work in NJPW, but the report isn't clear if NJPW would send its performers outside of Japan. If this colossal deal would go through, it has huge ramifications for NJPW's relationship with American companies like Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and of course, AEW. It's worth noting that former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, is also the current IWGP United States Champion.

The report also stated that early talks began around Wrestlemania this year, but there is no indication as to what stage discussions are at the current time. With Japan's strict COVID restrictions and policies, it's unclear how transportation and promotion would work in a real-time scenario right now.

Even top NJPW stars like Jay White couldn't come back to Japan after being in New Zealand for months when things initially went down. He couldn't even compete in last year's New Japan Cup tournament. While the world might be heading towards more lackadaisical responses with masks, countries like Canada and Japan are attempting to keep a tight lid on the situation.

It's interesting to note that WWE used to cross-promote with a lot of other companies throughout the '90s, even New Japan at one point. ECW "invaded" WWE during its heyday, and there were regular NWA appearances as well. Even Hulk Hogan back in 1993--as the WWE Champion at the time--was saying how great the IWGP Championship was and how it was the "most important belt in the world."

Fans speculation of any sort of booking took like wildfire, and while it truly is an exciting time as a wrestling fan, we'll have to ride this one out until it's all signed, sealed, and delivered.

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