WWE All Stars - Piledriving Your 3DS

The arcade wrestler is coming this November, and we spent some time with it.


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Earlier this year, THQ released WWE All Stars on various consoles and brought back the days of arcade-style wrestling that haven't been seen in a long time. The game was popular enough that THQ has decided to release it on the Nintendo 3DS, and we had the opportunity to play around for a bit to experience what's in store this November.

A nice mix of current and classic wrestlers for you to play with.
A nice mix of current and classic wrestlers for you to play with.

The 3DS version retains everything you got to experience when it was released earlier this year. You'll get 30 WWE superstars, ranging from current wrestlers like Sheamus to greats like The Ultimate Warrior. If you grew up with wrestling in the '80s and '90s, then your favorite wrestler of the time is bound to appear. On top of that, the additional wrestlers that were originally offered only as downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of game are available right from the get-go.

It would be one thing if this were just a straight-up port that was thrown together, but the 3DS version will include some additional modes not seen elsewhere. The first is Gauntlet mode. Here, the objective is to defeat every wrestler in the game in a ladder format with no breaks. If you finish off one opponent, prepare yourself for another one to immediately follow. Your character won't have his health replenished between matches, but there will be ways to regain health so that going through all these foes won't feel like a task that can't be completed.

The other addition to the 3DS version is Score Scramble mode. The objective in this mode is to earn the highest score possible. Here, either playing against the computer or a friend, you have requirements. You have to be the first to reach X number of points of the highest score after a certain amount of time. Because WWE All Stars is focused on over-the-top moves, pulling off combos and getting those flashy finishers and signature moves will get you the higher score, as well as the ability to gloat to your friends.

The Macho Man to the rescue!
The Macho Man to the rescue!

Again, everything that players got to experience earlier this year has been transferred to the 3DS. From crazy moves to classic WWE footage that showcases the greats from years past, there should be something that will appeal to any brand of wrestling fan. At the same time, because other fighting games have proven to be successful on the 3DS, THQ is hoping that this brand of high-flying and flash wrestling will see the same success. WWE All Stars slams the Nintendo 3DS on November 22.

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@KBFloYd Exactly, 3DS games can NEVER show their true Quality in Pictures or Videos. The real quality looking at it from a Real 3DS screen is 10x Better. Also, if you watch videos of games on your 3DS, they dont show real quality either, Super Mario 3D land looks great on the videos watching them on 3DS but thats nothing compared to the actual ones.

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dont judge the 3ds screenshots..it seems no one has been able to capture 3ds graphics correctly.... trust me..when you play it and especially with 3d.and small screen.. it will look HD... i might get this for 3ds.. was planning to get the console version but decided not to....i might take the plunge now..

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@ChiefFreeman the system doesnt generate graphics its the developers that make it that way. This is why some games have crap graphics on the same system that has awesome graphics.

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ugly graphics. I thought the 3DS could do Gaecube quality graphics or better. Those look like Dreamcast quality graphics.

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They said in the story that it has more features. You don't have to hope.

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sweet, I have not really been into these games sense the 64 but this could be a cool one to have on the 3ds.

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I have the wii version...felt incomplete....hopefully this game has more features than the wii version D: