WWE 2K19 Servers Are Not Shutting Down, No Matter What The Game Itself Tells You

Players jumping into 2018's WWE 2K game are being told that servers will not last much longer--but this is apparently not true.


WWE 2K19, while not perfect, is vastly superior to the game that followed it, WWE 2K20. Because of this, many wrestling game fans looking for a fix are more likely to turn to the 2018 iteration of the franchise rather than last year's train wreck, and recently received a rude shock when an in-game notification told them that the game's servers would soon go offline. However, it seems that this is not actually happening anytime soon.

The WWE 2K Twitter account has assured fans that this was an error, and that the game's servers would remain live for "the foreseeable future". They've previously promised this on the back of numerous fan requests.

May 31 seems to be a standard date for sunsetting WWE 2K servers--the 2K18 servers were shuttered in May 31, 2019, as per the game's manual. According to developer Patrick Gilmore, this was an automated message.

It's likely that 2K19's servers are being kept open due to the backlash against 2K20, and the fact that there won't be a WWE 2K21 released this year.

If you're still playing WWE 2K19 online, you can rest easy knowing that you'll be able to keep doing so after May 2020.

The WWE video game series is going through a transition period, and this year will see the release of WWE 2K Battlegrounds, a new arcade-style wrestling game.

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