WWE 2K18 Road To Glory And MyPlayer Systems Detailed

New details about the MyPlayer system and Road to Glory (multiplayer) mode.

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2K is shedding new light on how WWE 2K18's character customization, progression, and multiplayer will work, ahead of the game's release later this month. At its heart is the MyPlayer system, which will emphasise "player choice and a focused progression system" that you can also take into the multiplayer arena.

MyPlayer will allow you to highly customize your wrestler's appearance, weight class, height, attire, moves/taunts, and presentation (first with the help of a wizard, then allowing you to tweak looks and functionality through a highly detailed editor). It also allows you to define your wrestler's fighting style, which will determine the strengths and attributes you have when you enter the ring. The styles are:

  • High Flyer--Agility and Speed
  • Showboat--Stamina and Reversals
  • Striker--Striking and Stamina
  • Technician--Technique and Grappling
  • Brawler--Toughness and Athleticism
  • Strong Style--Grappling and Reversals
  • Powerhouse--Power and Grappling
  • Giant--Power and Toughness

Players will also upgrade their skills and moves over time, boosting attributes like Striking, Grappling, and Power. You'll earn loot crates throughout the game, which allow you to unlock Superstar parts and hundreds of new moves. Players earn crates by winning matches in the MyCareer mode or the multiplayer Road to Glory mode. Road to Glory features multiple match styles (accessible through matchmaking), including Tonight's Night, which changes the match type and arena every day.

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Players are encouraged to level their wrestlers up and compete in Pay-Per-View events (that mirror real-world PPV matches). These multi-day events culminate in the Main Event, which players will have to qualify for and which pit you against WWE Superstars who are competing in the real-world event too. If you win, there's some major loot as a reward.

Throughout Road to Glory, you'll have the ability to equip up to five Boosts in a single match, which grant your wrestler different enhancements, buff stats, and give you extra XP. You can a full look at the new details on the game's website.

WWE 2K18 launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 17. A Nintendo Switch version will release sometime this fall.

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