WWE 2K18 Review Roundup

King of the ring?


The latest wrestling game from WWE and 2K Sports, WWE 2K18, is now available for everyone on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This year's installment of the annual wrestling series features the largest roster of wrestlers in a WWE game to date, as well as a handful of new gameplay elements such as eight-player matches and a free-roaming backstage.

Despite the game's beautiful visuals and added features, WWE 2K18 doesn't address many of the issues that have been plaguing the series. In GameSpot's WWE 2K18 review, critic Richard Wakeling said "the game's cosmetic advancements fail to cover up stagnant gameplay mired in technical issues" and awarded it a 5/10.

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Other reviews for WWE 2K18 have begun appearing online, and as usual, we've collected a sample of them and their scores below. For a wider look at what critics are saying about WWE 2K18, be sure to check out GameSpot sister site Metacritc.

  • Game: WWE 2K18
  • Developer: Yuke's, Visual Concepts
  • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch (later date)
  • Release date: October 17
  • Price: US $60 / £55 / AU $100

GameSpot -- 5/10

"WWE 2K18's in-ring combat is fundamentally flawed, and will be as divisive as it often is. Yet there's no denying the inherent joy derived from performing your favorite Superstar's signature moves. Whether it's cracking your opponent over the head with AJ Styles' Phenomenal Forearm, or pounding the life out of Asuka's latest victim, there are moments of pure pro wrestling enjoyment to be found here. It's just compounded by too many frustrating issues, disruptive glitches, and a dearth of engaging single-player modes. This series has remained stagnant for far too long, and WWE 2K18 doesn't change things." -- Richard Wakeling [Full review]

IGN -- 7/10

"Under the better-than-ever graphics and great-as-ever core wrestling gameplay, WWE 2K18 is a largely disappointing iteration. It wastes too much of its ambition on the poorly written and dull MyCareer RPG mode, leaving its other promising modes to languish for another year. What few enhancements we get to the carry mechanics and eight-person matches are welcome, but not as much of a year-over-year refresh as would be needed to keep the excitement level as high as it's been in past years." -- Mitchell Saltzman [Full review]

Sports Illustrated

"I suppose it goes without saying that this game is pretty fun. It would be more fun, I imagine, in the common area of your college dorm with all your friends hooting and hollering, but playing by yourself on your couch will suffice. I can’t help but think, though, that it should be way better." -- Dan Gartland [Full review]

Forbes -- 8.3/10

"Despite some light areas of concern with gameplay and some of the auxiliary modes and features, the core of the WWE 2K franchise has been strengthened. It won't scratch every itch that virtual wrestling fans have, but the game is deep and fun. At the end of the day, that's what we're looking for in video games." -- Brian Mazique [Full review]

Hardcore Gamer -- 4/5

"Featuring an enormous roster of over 200 characters with revamped gameplay, WWE 2K18 is a solid upgrade from last year's game. The carry system changes hardcore matches up rapidly, and allows you to do things in games that haven’t been possible before. The upgrades to MyCareer don't do much to fix the mode's core problems with limited movesets and overall variety. Thankfully, the redone gameplay mechanics allow you to have great matches from just about any style imaginable--and for a video game replication of pro wrestling, that is the most important thing. Longtime fans of the series will enjoy a more robust experience, while newcomers will get the best-playing incarnation of the franchise yet." -- Jeremy Peeples [Full review]

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