WWE 2K16's First DLC Expands Your Moveset Today

Hit your opponent with a corner enzuigiri before slapping a Dragon Sleeper on them.


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The first downloadable content offering for WWE 2K16 is now available and introduces new moves to the wrestling game.

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The New Moves Pack, as previously announced, adds more than 30 moves to the game. A handful of these are featured in the video and image gallery above, including a corner enzuigiri, the Regal Cutter, and a 630-degree senton.

2K also notes that it offers a number of moves popularized by some newer wrestlers and Divas, such as the Avalanche Ram, Sidewinder Suplex, and Dragon Sleeper.

All of this is included in the New Moves Pack for $4. This is also a part of the $25 season pass, which will in the future bring with it new WWE Legends, NXT wrestlers, and playable versions of famous matches featuring 2015 WWE Hall of Fame inductees.

WWE 2K16 launched in October for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3. Despite sporting a huge roster, GameSpot's review wasn't especially positive.

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