WWE 2K15's $25 Season Pass Confirms Three DLC Packs and Paige [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Confirmed.


WWE 2K15
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[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, 2K Sports officially announced the DLC pass for WWE 2K15.

"2K confirmed today that WWE 2K15 will offer downloadable content this year, including a Season Pass program," the company said in a statement. "The Season Pass program will be focused on additions for 2K Showcase, the game’s story-driven single-player campaign. In addition, those who purchase the Season Pass will get exclusive access to WWE Diva Paige."

"More information on the comprehensive DLC and Season Pass program, including content details, pricing and timing, will be announced in the coming weeks."

The original story is below.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that there will be multiple downloadable content packs released for WWE 2K15. Not only that, but 2K will offer a season pass that saves you some cash over buying them all individually.

A GameStop listing for the season pass has been discovered, though the lack of an official announcement would indicate its existence was not intended to be revealed yet. As a result, the page doesn't contain any specifics on what the DLC will consist of. The only detail is that, by buying the season pass, you'll receive access to an "exclusive character," Paige.

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It sounds as if the DLC will be focused around the game's single-player mode. The GameStop page description explains, "The 2K Showcase Season Pass brings you more action and excitement from WWE 2K15's all-new 2K Showcase Mode." The season pass consists of three 2K Showcase DLC packs, and offers "over" 20 percent in savings compared with purchasing the packs individually.

There are any number of possibilities for what wrestlers could be added. Sting and Hulk Hogan (in his Hollywood/NWO garb) are each available as bonuses for preordering and buying the collector's edition, respectively; it's possible they'll also be sold as DLC.

We've contacted 2K to find out more about what the DLC consists of and will report back with anything we learn.

WWE 2K15 launches on October 28 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Following a delay, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will get the game on November 18.

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