Wrestlemania 36: Rhea Ripley's Ring Gear Pays Homage To Dragonball's Vegeta

NXT's Rhea Ripley's Wrestlemania gear was a nice nod to the Prince of the Saiyans

Sunday night at Wrestlemania 36 Night Two, Rhea Ripley fought Charlotte Flair in a losing effort for her NXT Women's Championship, and while the match was a barn-burner, Ripley caught the attention of the WWE Universe by her choice of ring attire.

Donning herself in the white, blue, and gold color scheme of Dragonball Z's resident badman Vegeta, Rhea's look wasn't an outright copy of the Saiyan armor that New Day wore at Wrestlemania 32 but more of her own version seen below.

She's over 9000
She's over 9000

The blue pants were torn in patches with fishnets underneath, with white straps belted down each of her legs, gold belts around her waist as well as golden spikes across the shoulder of her jackets. Ripley, a known Dragonball fan, even has a Vegeta quote tattooed on her leg: “I do not fear this new challenge, rather like a true warrior I will rise to meet it."

This is also not the first time that Rhea has added Vegeta imagery to her gear. She retweeted old photos of her during the match, comparing her old looks to now, but keeping it still very on brand.

Now that she's no longer NXT Women's Champion, it could be a matter of time before she gets a call up to the main roster, but hopefully she keeps this look around.

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