Wrestlemania 35 Rumors: The Demon Finn Balor Returns

A graphic designer has fooled everyone again.


It's only a few days away from Wrestlemania, and it looks like "The Demon" will make his return to WWE programming for the big event. In terms of what to expect, things are not looking great for Asuka at Mania. She lost her title and does not have a match at the PPV. However, these moves are supposedly building to something big to close out the show.

Mania's 2019 match card is coming together, but there are still a few bouts to be booked for WWE's biggest PPV of the year. Dean Ambrose's Mania match doesn't look like it's going to happen. However, the Women's Tag Team Championship match has been set, after weeks of rumors surrounding the bout.

Looking through the biggest Wrestlemania rumors so far, there were a lot of questions about who Kurt Angle and John Cena will face at the biggest show of the year; we now know Angle will square off with Baron Corbin, while Cena remains a mystery. Meanwhile, what hasn't had much buzz is the possibility of The Undertaker wrestling at Wrestlemania 35, and that's something we can possibly attribute to his being booked at Starrcast, the companion event for AEW's Double or Nothing, in May.

With all of that in mind, here are the hottest rumors regarding Wrestlemania 35 right now. We'll make sure to keep you updated on how all of these pan out, and stay tuned to GameSpot for full coverage of the PPV--and all the events during Wrestlemania week.

The Demon At Mania? (Confirmed)

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Could Finn Balor show up to Wrestlemania as "The Demon?" That's what everyone's talking about after a Wrestlemania, which you can see in the alleged WWE advert above. However, it's fanmade. It comes from MStudio on Instagram, a graphic designer. Trust me, I'd love to see The Demon make his return to the ring as well, but this poster is not confirmation in any way of this. Regardless, MStudio does some pretty fantastic work.

UPDATE (4/2): It looks as though Demon Finn Balor will be showing up now to take on Bobby Lashley for the Intercontinental Championship.

Women's Tag Team Championship

The women's tag division is still a very new thing, and there are many people speculating that Beth Phoenix and Natalya will team up to take on champions Sasha Banks and Bayley for the titles. Phoenix has been involved in a social media battle with Nia Jax, after their recent brawl with each other at Fastlane. Does this mean Banks and Bayley will drop the titles before the event or will this be a triple threat because Nia Jax and Tamina have to be involved.

UPDATE (3/18): According to PWInsider, the Women's Tag Team Championship match will be Bayley & Sasha Banks (c) vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs. Nia Jax & Tamina for the championship, which Raw has been building to.

UPDATE 2 (3/20): After the March 19 episode of Smackdown, The Iiconics beat Banks and Bayley in a tag match, so it seems like the Women's Tag Team Championship match will be a Fatal Four Way between the teams mentioned in this update along with Beth Phoenix & Natalya and Nia Jax & Tamina. Please, let this be a tornado tag match; otherwise, it will be confusing.

UPDATE (3/26): It's official. The Women's Tag Team Championship match will be a fatal four way between Bayley & Sasha Banks, Beth Phoenix & Natalya, The IIconics, and Nia Jax & Tamina.

Who Will Kurt Fight?

Kurt Angle is having his final match at Wrestlemania 35, but who will he fight? Let's get to speculating! Many people believe he'll take on John Cena one more time, as Angle was Cena's first opponent on Smackdown. There is also talk of Shelton Benjamin and Angle duking it out, as they've been talking to each other on Twitter and Instagram about it. While both matches seem to be solid, the latter is the real winner because of Angle and Shelton's working relationship in the past.

UPDATE (3/19): On the March 18 episode of Raw, it was revealed Angle will face Baron Corbin at Wrestlemania. However, this feels more like WWE trolling its fans. I doubt this match will happen.

UPDATE (3/20): There are various reports that Angle vs. Corbin will actually be the final match for Wrestlemania, and this isn't a swerve on fans.

Dean Ambrose's Final Match

Shield member Dean Ambrose has still not resigned with WWE, as far as we knew, so that means Wrestlemania 35 will likely be his final match with the company. According to Bleacher report, Ambrose may team with Roman Reigns to take on Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin at the PPV. Meanwhile, the third member of The Shield, Seth Rollins, will be taking on Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

UPDATE (3/21): With Baron Corbin to fight Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania, it seems the potential of a tag team match is over.

UPDATE (3/26): Reigns has been booked to take on McIntyre, so it doesn't look like Ambrose will team with his former Shield partner. Ambrose may miss out on Mania entirely.


While Kofi Kingston beat everyone in his gauntlet match on the March 19 episode of Smackdown, Vince McMahon threw a wrench into the plan and had Kingston take on Daniel Bryan for the Wrestlemania spot. Kingston lost, and now, it's unknown where his spot will be at the PPV. However, it's very obvious that we'll get Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan.

UPDATE (3/27): After the New Day won a tag team gauntlet match, Kingston got his title match at Wrestlemania against Daniel Bryan,

Asuka Title Defense

After Smackdown went off the air on March 19, it was announced on YouTube that Asuka will defend her title at Wrestlemania. On the March 26 episode of Smackdown will have a Fatal Four-Way match between Carmella, Naomi, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville to decide who goes to Wrestlemania to face Asuka for the Smackdown Women's Championship. Considering how WWE has been leaning into the Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville dynamic for weeks, we can expect one of them to win, causing more rifts in their relationship. Here's to hoping Deville gets the win.

UPDATE (3/27): This match isn't happening. On the March 26 episode of Smackdown, Asuka lost her title to Charlotte, who is in the main event. This was a pointless move, and Asuka deserves so much better. At this point, Asuka does not have a match at Wrestlemania.

UPDATE (3/28): There are numerous reports that the upcoming episode of Raw will address the Smackdown Women's Championship. As to what they're announcing is a secret. However, here's what's floating around the net right now.

  • Asuka will be added to the main event of Wrestlemania
  • The Raw and Smackdown women's titles will be unified
  • The title won't be on the line at Wrestlemania, and Asuka won't be added, as the show will close out with all the NXT Four Horsewomen in the ring, each holding a title.

The last one seems the most likely.

We'll keep you updated on these rumors as the weeks progress, and make sure to come back to GameSpot on Sunday, April 7 for live coverage and review of Wrestlemania.

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