Wreck-It Ralph 2 in the Works

Disney is moving forward with a sequel, according to John C. Reilly.


Disney's 2012 animated video game-themed movie Wreck-It Ralph is getting a sequel.

That's according to the movie's lead voice actor John C. Reilly, who said in a new interview with Irish radio show RTE Arena that he has "signed on" for Wreck-It Ralph 2.

Hollywood news site The Wrap notes that Disney has not yet officially greenlit the movie, though director of the original, Rich Moore, has talked openly about ideas for a follow-up.

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One of Moore's ideas, according to a December 2012 interview, is for Nintendo's Mario to feature in a sequel. The first movie featured appearances from Bowser, Dr. Robotnik, and Pac-Man, among others.

Wreck-It Ralph follows the titular Ralph--played by Reilly--a villain in a retro Donkey Kong-style arcade game. After decades of being the bad guy, Ralph decides he's fed up with being hated for doing his job and quits to embark on a journey to reveal his true qualities.

The movie was a big success. It made close to $50 million during its first weekend, outperforming Walt Disney Animation Studios' previous record-holder, Tangled. To date, the film has generated more than $470 million at the global box office against a $165 million budget, according to Box Office Mojo.

Wreck-It Ralph was generally well-received by critics and also featured the voicework of other actors such as Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer, and Mindy Kaling. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, but ultimately lost out to Pixar's Brave.

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