Wrath Unleashed online

The Web site for LucasArts' fighting/strategy game is now up, offering information, screenshots, and trailers.


Wrath Unleashed

LucasArts has launched the Web site for Wrath Unleashed, its hybrid monster-fighting and turn-based strategy game. The site offers a variety of features for those awaiting the "T" for Teen-rated game's February 2004 release, including screenshots, concept art, trailers, and information on the game. (Screensavers will be available sometime soon.)

Although it looks like a fighting game, Wrath Unleashed is actually a turn-based strategy game based on a hexagonal board. Players must strategically move their monsters, sorcerers, and warriors to capture and secure mana temples that provide them with magical energy. The more energy you have, the more spells you can cast against your opponent. GameSpot's hands-on preview has all the details on the Collective-developed title, which will be available for the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

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