WoW Trading Post Introduces A New Way For Players To Buy Items

The Trading Post will update its inventory monthly.


Blizzard has introduced a new shop called the Trading Post into its MMORPG World of Warcraft. Players can earn new mounts, pets, and gear with the Trading Post.

The Trading Post will have its own currency called Trader's Tenders, and they can earn it in two different ways. The first is by simply logging into the game. Players will be rewarded 500 tenders each month. The other way is by completing the Traveler's Log Task, quests which reset at the start of every month and, upon completion, reward players with an additional 500 tenders.

The location of the Trading Post will also vary based on which faction players side with. Alliance players will have to travel to the Mage District in Stormwind to meet the traders, and Horde players will have to the Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.

Each month, the Trading Post inventory will rotate, but some of the more expensive items, such as mounts, can stay in the shop for as long as three months. Similar to other in-game shops, once the item is gone, it won't be forever and will return eventually.

Even though the Trading Post feature was just released, it has begun receiving some pushback. As previously reported, some fans have noticed that to unlock specific items, they'll need to play for a full year. So far, Blizzard has not yet responded to the negative feedback.

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