WoW: Shadowlands' Sanctum Of Domination Raid Finally Cleared On Mythic Difficulty, But Not Without Some Drama

After days of attempts and even a mid-fight hotfix from Blizzard, European guild Echo claims the race to world-first prize.


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' newest raid, the Sanctum of Domination, has finally been cleared on the game's Mythic difficulty following an intense world-first race between the game's top guilds over the last week.

The honors went to the European guild Echo, who defeated the raid's final boss, Sylvanas Windrunner, after 176 attempts over four days and with zero deaths on their final attempt to boot, according to Icy Veins. For a while the race was neck and neck between Echo and the guild Complexity-Limit, but Echo managed to eke out the victory, despite taking a break overnight. You can see the race's final moments in the Twitch clip below.

Echo even had to overcome a little divine intervention from Blizzard itself. One of the guild's initial Sylvanas strategies involved having one player tank an additional enemy, the Mawforged Colossus, in order to allow the rest of the guild to effectively ignore the Colossus and instead focus on bringing down Sylvanas as fast as possible. In theory, this would allow Echo to skip the boss's enrage mechanic, which would see Sylvanas pumping out significantly more damage.

Unfortunately for Echo, Blizzard hotfixed the fight mid-attempt, changing it so the Mawforged Colossus has an enrage timer of its own that begins as soon as Sylvanas becomes targetable, making it capable of killing the tank in one hit and wiping the raid. Echo had to adjust their entire strategy on the fly. Despite the setback, less than 24 hours later, Echo claimed the ultimate victory.

Sanctum of Domination recently released as part of WoW: Shadowlands' major Chains of Domination 9.1 patch, which also saw the introduction of a new zone, a new mega-dungeon, and a heavily criticized new gear mechanic in the form of Shards of Domination. The raid's ending cinematic also left something to be desired among many players, with big-bad Sylvanas not exactly getting what many players thought she deserved. While players wait for WoW's inevitable 9.2 patch, some of the game's biggest streamers are now playing Final Fantasy XIV, resulting in record-breaking numbers for Square Enix's MMO.

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