WoW Shadowlands Players Could Level In Torghast In A Future Patch, But Not 9.1

WoW lead game designer Morgan Day says he loves the idea of leveling in Shadowlands' rogue-like inspired Torghast dungeon, but it's an idea that won't be coming to fruition soon.


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' standout feature, the rogue-like inspired tower of Torghast, could become a way to level new characters in the future, according to a recent interview with WoW lead game designer Morgan Day.

In an interview with Twitch streamer Sloot (via Wowhead), when asked if players would ever be able to level their "alts" (or additional characters aside from a player's main) in Torghast, Day said he "loved the idea."

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"I don't think it's something we will do for 9.1, but it feels like a great addition for one of the .5 updates," Day said.

The ability to level in Torghast is a frequent request of the community, as players are essentially forced to play the rogue-like dungeon to acquire a currency known as Soul Ash, which is used to create the game's powerful Legendary gear. Allowing players to level new characters while also earning Soul Ash would be a powerful two-for-one combo which would improve the alt leveling experience.

As it currently exists, Torghast cannot be accessed until characters have reached level 60 and joined a covenant. Allowing alts to level in Torghast would require Blizzard to open up the activity for players earlier in the leveling process. Blizzard made it so Torghast layer progress became account-wide earlier this year, another alt-friendly move for players who enjoy playing multiple characters.

Shadowlands' first major patch, Chains of Domination, is being tested on the game's public test realm but does not currently have a release date. When it does officially arrive, it will be the first significant content patch since the launch of Shadowlands on November 23, 2020.

In the meantime, Blizzard will be rereleasing the game's second expansion, The Burning Crusade, as part of its WoW Classic experience. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade launches June 1. The cost of character cloning is being reduced in response to fan criticism.

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