WoW's Next Patch Adds Ship Building, Plus a New Zone and Raid

Establish a shipyard at your garrison to partake in naval missions.

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The next patch for World of Warcraft is an exciting one, as it introduces a new zone, raid, and a shipyard feature that lets you build your own ships.

Blizzard has officially revealed the patch notes for the 6.2.0 update, which does not yet have a release date. Perhaps the most interesting new feature is the shipyard, which you can build once your character has upgraded a garrison to level 3. With a shipyard added, you can have ships constructed that can then be sent on naval missions, which Blizzard says it will be talking about more as development continues.

Building a shipyard is also a prerequisite for visiting the newest zone, the Tanaan Jungle. There you'll find daily quests that offer resources for use at the shipyard, as well as "open-world questing with rare creatures and hidden treasures scattered throughout the zone." The Tanaan Jungle is also home to the new raid, Hellfire Citadel, which includes 13 bosses.

The patch also introduces a new difficulty level for Warlords of Draenor's dungeons called Mythic. Blizzard says this "is geared towards players that enjoy tackling difficult content in smaller groups and is designed to provide an alternate progression path." Mythic dungeons have a weekly lockout, but offer item level 680 gear drops, and have a chance for an end boss that drops item level 700 loot.

6.2 offers a raft of other changes and additions as well, which you can read about in full on Blizzard's website. Alternatively, you can head to the Public Test Realms and try out some of this for yourself, as the patch is now live ahead of its official release, though only certain content is available for testing.

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