WOW patched to v1.10

Latest update for Blizzard's massively multiplayer online role-playing game adds weather, epic gear, changes to high-level instances.


Forming an online community that mimics real-life interactions has always been one of World of Warcraft's strengths. However, it's been missing one of society's most basic icebreakers--discussions about the weather.

Now, adventurers around Azeroth can finally ask each other canned conversation starters such as, "Some weather we're having, eh?" and "Hot enough for ya?" The latest patch for Blizzard's popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game brings weather to several of the game's realms, as well as other features for high-level players.

In addition to experiencing meteorological effects, gamers will be able to grab some shiny new duds previously unavailable in the game. By battling new bosses and taking on new quests, players can acquire new, rare epic armor sets.

Other new features include the transformation of quest experience to gold for players at level 60, tweaks to the flight system, and heaps of balance tweaks. For more information on the updates, head over to the full patch notes.

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Quote: The crime is, I don't even play half the amount of time some of these kiddies do, and I don't stand a chance against them because they have twice the HP I do, because they played 400 more hours than I did. Hmm, wouldn't you expect that if they played that much more than you, they would have better combat skills and gear?

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Is this game really that good. Everytime you hear something about WOW it's always great. I may have to look into this one.

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Quote, "I like the game but I soon will go broke.If they do not stop having us to pay soon or at least make the payment a lot less.". $15 a month is $3.75 a week. You don't get an allowance, don't work, refuse to work, don't have loose change to cash, can't beg?

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If they added more devs, more admins, more CMs, then your core group becomes diluted. If your group is too big, then your game will feel diluted too. Look at Bungie, they have a small team to make games. People keep saying that they should hire more people with all their money. But with a bigger group, the game development team is less concise, and you become like EA. As for the server thing, the only reason it took them so long was to find a new location for their servers. Do you know how big thos things are. Not just that, but they require a ridiculous amount of cooling. 1 box used to be able to hold 3 servers no problem, but it has since become an issue. If every server were on it's own box, they would have to have a location twice the size, or a second location. Having two seperate locations for their servers would make consistent network administration pretty much impossible.

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Wont make it LAGGY.. it will maybe make your Computer slower but not the servers. -bujakaza!-

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Good job Blizzard taking over a year to add something that every other MMORPG has had at release. You get the Bozo Button.

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And also, you would think Blizzard has enough money to keep their web site up during heavy usage like patch day. The web site was down practically all day. In addition, the forums on their site are extremely slow all the time. Microsoft probably gets more than 100 times the amount of traffic as Blizzard on a daily basis. Blizzard needs to hire some real network specialists. Obviously their current infrastructure doesn't cut it.

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To Satec: >It's nice to see Blizzard consistently adding more content. The priest review >buffed them hugely (possibly because eyonix is a holy priest). That's a joke, really. The classes in this game are so unbalanced it makes PVP frustrating unless you're a hardcore player. Everyone keeps saying take a break and what not. The crime is, I don't even play half the amount of time some of these kiddies do, and I don't stand a chance against them because they have twice the HP I do, because they played 400 more hours than I did. There are lots of posts and complaints about these issues, but Blizzard does nothing to address them. >To all those complaining about the servers being down and "poor service", >do you have any idea how difficult it is to run an MMORPG? I'm sure it's difficult enough. However, there's an old saying that goes: If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. It's quite apparent by the number of subscribers and the resulting income from them that Blizzard can take the heat, they just choose not to use air conditioning. >Despite every simulation you run, and every test server, and every trial run, >there are ALWAYS complications. Nonsense. I'm not saying there can never be a complication, but ALWAYS a complication? That means they are doing something wrong. The fact that this patch was running on test servers for months should mean they can safely apply the patch to all the other servers with very few complications. Few complications meaning, their entire operation shouldn't have come to a halt for over 12 hours on patch day. >Currently they have 3 game servers per "box" or physical server. >Well they just changed that (I believe to 2 a box) and they're moving them >onto brand new machines with their own Internet connections. I didn't know this, but if it's true--that's a complete joke. Given the performance issues the game has been suffering for months, there should only be 1 game server per box. Ha, can you imagine, 2000 users on each server, that's 6000 users trying to communicate with a single physical piece of hardware. That's just plain stupid. With an income of currently 1 billion dollars a year, they can surely afford to purchase a separate server for each realm. >I don't work for Blizz, but I have done work in several MMOs, and I know >what the challenges are. I wonder if the companies you worked for were packing in (at least) a billion dollars a year. Probably not, and that's why the challenges you faced were difficult. But when you make this kind of money, you need to know how to spend it. Blizzard obviously doesn't.

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For anyone complaining about the problems in Wow, try taking a break from your addiction. It is just a game!

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Weather effects = more lag.... I'm not really looking forward to that.

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If ur worried about the economy dont be.The quests that upgrade ur armor need gold..a lot of gold.. so i dont see how the economy is going to be like that.

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Change experience earned to gold? Uhhh... wouldnt that inflate the economy. Um well hope Blizzard knows what they are doing.

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sweet. blizzard is smart by releasing updates on a (sort of) regular basis.

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This has always sounded like a good game, but I just don't see the point in paying an monthly fee to play online. Still passing.

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i want this game!!!!!

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Hooray for priest's being completely broken now.

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Yea new patch!

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The service is incredibly disappointing. The lack of communication, failure to keep informational servers and the website online, and so forth really is inexcusable. I play both WoW and GW, and I work for neither company, and they each have pros and cons, and I don't want to spark a raging debate, but let me just say this: IT IS FASCINATING TO ME THAT THE GAME WITH BETTER STRATEGY, MORE VARIETY, SUPERIOR GRAPHICS, GREATER STABILITY, BRILLIANT TECHNOLOGY, AND EXCEPTIONAL GLOBAL INTERACTION IS ALSO THE ONE THAT IS FREE ON A MONTHLY BASIS . . . (What is Blizzard doing with all that money it collects?)

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The only people who got themselves banned (rightfully so) by using macros on ANY keyboard would be those using em like bots. Good riddance.

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Well i played the patch for an hour and now...all servers are down again...GG BLizz!!!!

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Oh snap, i pulled a dante!

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It's nice to see Blizzard consistently adding more content. The priest review buffed them hugely (possibly because eyonix is a holy priest). To all those complaining about the servers being down and "poor service", do you have any idea how difficult it is to run an MMORPG? Despite every simulation you run, and every test server, and every trial run, there are ALWAYS complications. Blizzard did their best to have the servers up by a certain time, but there were complications, and so it took them longer than expected. The website was up, and it had information about revised times, but it was under such heavy traffic that it kept collapsing. And they are attempting to relieve the stress on the servers. If you hadn't noticed in the information about 1.10, they're moving many of the servers to new hardware. Currently they have 3 game servers per "box" or physical server. Well they just changed that (I believe to 2 a box) and they're moving them onto brand new machines with their own Internet connections. They can't do anything however, about the number of people per server. There has to be a limit to reduce overcrowding in-game (it's not bad now, but it could be), which creates queues. And people will continue to roll on old servers to play with their friends. I don't work for Blizz, but I have done work in several MMOs, and I know what the challenges are.

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So much tension and anger abound. It's just a game. A great very addictive one, but a game no less.

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great game...too bad the service and technology are lousy waiting 30-60 minutes to get into the Alleria server is lame, especially after an 8-10 hour day of work when all you want to do is relax and do some questing then there's the horrid lag (that of course is *our* fault) and the lack of real content updates (besides bug patches, character nerfing, and 'upgraded' armor) you would think that with all the money they make, and all of the history of MMORPG's to learn from (everquest, DAoC, anarchy online, etc etc) they would have learned a few things and maybe put out some more content to hold people over bah, no use complaining...take our 'fixed' instances and 'added' armor and go play....when the darn servers get back up....

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CrimsonJester: I take it you're already home from work, unless you work late into the night. Trying to log on are you? Good luck, because the servers are still down, 8 hours past the scheduled end of maintenance. And where is my status update? Oh, that's right, the world of warcraft web site is down, as it always is on patch day. So, we have no idea what is going on or when the servers will be up. In fact, I paid for today.... yet, I haven't been able to play.

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Wow, thats just sad dante.

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How bout that eh? a patch is supposed to "fill a whole" in the game, but seems like this one just made a bigger whole....had ta overhaul the whole patch once it came out

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Wow, dante is such a sad little kid.

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worthlessness, can you think of a sillier patch?

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weather effects and new armor sets are just eye candy

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Blizzard has a work around for that, BlackiceJoe It's called "Get a Job" patch.

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I am glad they finally did weather. makes the world more believable

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This is going to be awsome i cant wait for it to finish downloading......... weather is one of the biggest things i thought blizzard should add to the game...... NOW ITS HERE!!!! >.

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My addiction was broken when 1.83 would not work on my machine. I went through 3 stages: Denial, anger, and acceptance. Now if it was free...I may be able to look farther past some of the faults of the game but I understand why they charge a monthy fee and know that it will never happen.

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ARgh, this is turning into the WoW forums! And BlackIceJoe, you must be really cheap! Like many others, whenI quit WoW to go back to consoles (especially with the enxt-gen bringing games like oblivion) I have spent easily 10x as much money as I would have if i kept just playing WoW and paying the monthly fee. WoW definately saves money, but it is just too addictive...

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NOOO!!!! Now more of my life is gone.

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This patch made me quit this game and I've been playing since launch. I played on the test realm for a few weeks. I can't believe Hunters and Priests got nerfed so bad.

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Its taking forever to download as well

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Good patch, now just get the servers online so I can play the new patch. :)

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KNOW WHAT, I'M TIRED OF STINKING PATCHES...THEY SHOULD WORK ON THE FACT THAT HALF THE TIME WE CAN'T EVEN SIGN ONTO THE STUPID GAME...And for the others, lag is generally a mix of your ISP and your computer, i RARELY if ever get lag...time to upgrade guys

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The weather effects don't contribute a lot to lag. Plus players have the option to turn them off if they'd like, so. Now what would be great is for the servers to finally come up.

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Adam... I agree with runstalker, might be time to take a break (rest of his comments look like an employee for NCSoft however), I actually have been playing for over a year, and most upgrades I would be at work ...I happen to be home today. Usually there are updates on status. The rest of your comments just drip with bitterness. Anything that is suppose to be a pasttime makes you this angry should be re-evaluated. I have just as much fun today as I did in the beginning, sorry it's not the same for you. I understand issues during upgrades, I work for IT in HealthCare and that data is a hundred times more important then game data... and we still have issues that have to be resolved. Take a breather, try out another game for awhile, meditate, whatever it takes to enjoy a hobby instead of rant at it.

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The endgame in WoW is definitely PVE focused. I expect that to change; Blizzard itself has eluded to that. I don't think Blizzard wants town raiding to be the world PVP endgame though -- I think they'll implement something like capture and hold style locations on the world map, at least I hope they do, because that would be awesome. Ultimately world PVP would have to be something that would work equally well on both PVE and PVP realmtypes. Anyway, 1.10 will rock. I've seen the rain effect in the beta and it looks fantastic and I only got a hit of about 1 or 2 FPS -- I dropped from 45fps to 44fps with weather set to the highest detail. Dungeon 2 sets regardless of what people say are actually pretty cool. I don't always want to 40-man, it just gives another way to spend time playing a very fun game. WoW has its problems, but it's still by far the best fantasy MMORPG out there.

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You appear to be quite obsessive about it adamb2k4. Time to take a breather from WoW perhaps. If you want PvP, obviously Guild Wars is where it's at. Who knows, you might end up flying to some exotic location for a World Championship. It's PvP will actual meaning. And I can't express how cool it is that the world map in Factions has a visible battle line that refreshes based on which side is winning. You get to seize outposts and stuff, and open new story missions. PvP with meaning!

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Oh, and to runstalker: I guess you've been out of the loop quite a while yourself as well. Forget any type of world PVP or town raiding other than Boring Battlegrounds. They've added something called "Dishonorable Kills", which basically means if you kill a civilian NPC you are severely punished in your PVP rank. Fine, don't kill civilians? Easier said than done. Forget about the fact that it takes hours just to get a full raid going, within the first 5 minutes of reaching the destination town to raid, someone kills a civilian, and everyone leaves the raid and goes home. Bottom Line: World of Warcraft is a PVE game now. Battlegrounds is a joke. The game is really fun to level a toon from 0 to 60 and battle monsters with friends. But when it comes to PVP, the classes are severely unbalanced, and the whole dishonorable kill thing takes away a lot of the realism in PVP, and Battlegrounds is simply a zerg fest. If you want to be competitive, it's all about whos got more time to play the game. The more time you play, the better gear you get. The better your gear, the better you are in PVP. And don't talk to me about "skills". Even if 2 players are equally skilled, but one has twice the hit points because he's decked out in tier 2 gear, theres no way you can win. PVP servers are just inundated with gold farmers and gold buyers. If you don't want to spend money on gold, and you don't have 24/7 to play the game, play PVE, or be frustrated like me.

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Pretty darn sure the weather effects will be client-side...which means you can turn them OFF if your "lag" (slow computer) is too intense.

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YAY wether lag FTW!

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CrimsonJester: I guess you haven't been playing very long, or you don't play often enough to know that this happens every time there is a new patch released. The web site goes down completely, their phone lines get disconnected, and the servers dont come back up until at least 5-6 hours past when they said they would, and then you have to deal with extreme lag for at least the first few days of the new patch, maybe a week. And of course, you will never be refunded any of your money, under any circumstances. In fact, it's even possible to get your account revoked for using macros on a keyboard. Welcome to World of Warcraft, where lag is king, in every sense of the word.

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