WoW: Dragonflight's Trading Post Is Currently Experiencing Some Serious Issues

Vanishing rewards, missing currency, and a buggy mount have all come with the Trading Post's first monthly refresh.


World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's new Trading Post feature is currently plagued by some serious bugs, as players are reporting missing currency, rewards, and more.

It's been a month since the Trading Post debuted in Blizzard's MMORPG, giving players a new way to acquire cosmetic items. Completing tasks in the battle-pass-like Traveler's Log earns players a special currency, Trader's Tender, that can be used to purchase Trading Post items. Every month, the Trading Post's wares, and its capstone reward, change.

March 1 marked the first monthly refresh for the Trading Post. Unfortunately, things don't look to have gone according to plan, as players are reporting a number of serious issues. For starters, some players on the forums are reporting that all their Trader's Tender, as well as unlocked rewards from last month's Trading Post, are missing.

Even worse, the Trading Post's "freeze" option appears to be broken. The "freeze" ability allowed a player to select one item from the Trading Post to lock in place for the monthly reset, essentially giving players more time to earn additional currency and unlock that specific item despite the rest of the previous month's wares having been replaced by new ones. The monthly Trading Post reset appears to have wiped the items some players had frozen, meaning they've lost out on the chance to unlock that item for the time being until Blizzard issues a fix.

The icing on top of the buggy cake is the fact that last month's capstone reward for the Trading Post, the Ash'adar mount, is currently broken for many players. The mount's icon appears as a green box, and attempting to ride the mount results in players simply flying around on an invisible steed. Some players on the WoW subreddit are reporting that attempting to ride the mount caused their game to crash.

Blizzard has not yet issued a statement on the issues or a fix. In the meantime, players can at least take a gander at some of the new Trading Post rewards until some of the feature's issues are resolved.

WoW: Dragonflight's next update, patch 10.0.7, will introduce new story content, a major rework for Retribution paladins, and the long-awaited arrival of orc and human Heritage Armor. The update is slated to arrive this spring and is currently on the game's public test realm, but does not yet have a release date.

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