WoW: Dragonflight Players Think They've Discovered A Third Evoker Specialization

An Evoker-only quest chain found on the update 10.1 PTR is leading some players to think a second support specialization is in the cards.


World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players combing through the game's upcoming 10.1 Embers of Neltharion update on the MMO's public test realm have discovered evidence that is leading some to believe a third specialization for the game's new Evoker class is coming.

Evokers, which is a class exclusive to the new dragon-like dracthyr race, were introduced as part of the Dragonflight pre-patch in October 2022. They currently come with two specializations for players to choose between, Devastation and Preservation, with the former focused on dealing ranged magic damage and the latter on healing allies and preventing damage. It's the second class in WoW, alongside Demon Hunter, that only sports two specializations, as opposed to the standard three.

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But fans think a third specialization might be in the cards, based on a datamined quest found on the game's PTR. As reported by Wowhead, an Evoker specific quest titled "Our Destiny" currently features placeholder text that makes references to a "new specialization remembered" and mentions that the mysteries uncovered in the game's 10.0.7 patch (which releases March 21) are about to unfold. Later in the quest chain, players are tasked with helping the black dragon Ebyssian subdue a boss-level enemy. Interestingly enough, the quest text mentions that players will need to help Ebyssian by healing or "boosting" him, or can alternatively deal damage to the boss to complete the quest.

The quest text about a new specialization combined with the reference to "boosting" allies instead of just healing them directly has led fans to believe that this third specialization, which has not yet been announced or confirmed by Blizzard, could be a second healing or support specialization for Evokers.

Some fans have hoped to see a tank specialization for Evokers, but a recent interview between content creator Towelliee and WoW's associate game director Morgan Day makes that seem unlikely. However, Day doesn't dismiss the idea of a new specialization being added entirely, who said it's simply never been done before.

"I mean we've never really added a spec, so I can't speak to that," Day said when asked about the possibility of a tank specialization being added. "You know, when we're talking about Evokers, we really wanted to add a ranged DPS spec, like that was the goal and they've got the big old wings so there's lots of discussions about what that would look like in melee range and stuff like that so...Tanks were discussed in the early days when Evokers were a glimmer in our eyes."

Currently, there is only one other class in the game that has two support specializations, the Priest. One specialization, Holy, is focused on healing allies directly, while Discipline relies more on helping allies prevent or absorb damage. Perhaps a third Evoker specialization would go that route, but until more information is discovered, fans can only speculate.

Blizzard recently blew the lid off the game's 10.1 update, but failed to officially mention a new Evoker specialization. It's possible the idea could have been scrapped and mentions of it left in the game's test build by accident, or Blizzard is simply trying to keep the new specialization a surprise to be announced at a later date.

Even if a third Evoker specialization isn't coming, players can still look forward to Dragonflight patch 10.1, which does not currently have a release date, but will introduce a new raid, a massive underground zone, cross-faction guilds, and big changes to the game's Mythic+ system. Meanwhile, patch 10.0.7 will let players return to the dracthyr starting zone the Forbidden Reach to uncover the race's origins and acquire a powerful new ring.

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