WoW: Dragonflight Players Aren't Happy About One-Year Grind Required For New Reward

Maxing out the game's new battle pass-like Trading Post system for 12 months is the only way to earn the new Warden-themed cosmetics.


World of Warcraft's all-new Trading Post feature is nearly here, bringing with it new cosmetics for players to earn. Unfortunately, the Trading Posts' most coveted reward is locked behind a full year's worth of grinding, something many in the WoW community aren't thrilled about.

First, a quick breakdown of the Trading Post. Each month, players will be able to complete various tasks and challenges that reward points. Earning a certain number of points each month will reward players with a special currency called Trader's Tender that can be used to purchase items in the Trading Post (simply logging in each month rewards players with a lump on Trader's Tender). Players who max out their tasks for each month will also earn a special monthly reward.

That's all well and good, but what players are upset about is actually an exclusive reward granted for unlocking an achievement tied to the Trading Post system. Called Trading Post Enthusiast, the achievement stipulates a player must earn the monthly special reward from the Trading Post 12 times.

Unlocking the achievement awards a new cosmetic set called "Burden of Unrelenting Justice," which gives players the ability to dress up as one of the franchise's iconic Night Elf Wardens. It's an extremely cool transmog set, and one players have wanted for years. However, obtaining it currently means players need to grind out what is essentially 12 different monthly battle passes in order to obtain it. Some in the game's community aren't happy about that fact.

"Having to wait an entire year for this is absolutely ridiculous," one forum poster's comment reads. Comments on WoW fansite Wowhead are equally unkind towards developer Blizzard's decision to lock the Warden set behind the achievement, with comments like "One year of farming? You're out of your mind," or "They sure know how to kill enthusiasm for the Trading Post."

As one player puts it, the achievement itself isn't quite the issue, but rather the fact that the Warden set has been a daydream among the game's community for years and it is now locked behind a long, arduous grind. "I mean, it wouldn't be so bad (and there is precedent for this) if NOT for the fact that it is a LONG anticipated set," one Wowhead commenter writes.

If there is a silver lining, it's that the achievement does not stipulate that the Trading Post monthly special reward needs to be earned 12 times consecutively in order to unlock the Warden appearance, meaning players can opt not to play for a few months and still come back to working on the achievement. That fact, however, is just salt in the wound to some players, who lament that missing a month or two just makes the wait to unlock the set even longer.

Blizzard has not yet acknowledged the fan outcry over the situation. The Trading Post arrives on February 1 as part of Blizzard's efforts to deliver more frequent WoW content updates in 2023. Blizzard recently revealed what's in store for Dragonflight's 10.0.7 update, which will include long-awaited orc and human Heritage Armor sets, new max-level story content in the Dracthyr starting zone --The Forbidden Reach--and a major talent rework for Retribution Paladins.

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