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WoW: Dragonflight Launch Sees First Players Reach New Level Cap In A Little Over Two Hours

It didn't take long for a team of five hardcore Korean players to achieve the feat of world-first level 70.


World of Warcraft's new Dragonflight expansion just launched, but a group of dedicated players have already made short work of the MMORPG's increased level cap.

As highlighted by the WoW-focused esports organization Method on Twitter, a group of five Korean players claimed the title. The group, which consisted of a Demon Hunter, a Hunter, and three Druids, all hit the new level cap of 70 at the exact same time by turning in one final quest simultaneously. In addition to questing, the group took advantage of crafting to accomplish their goal, which grants more XP in Dragonflight than in previous expansions.

Leveling up in modern WoW isn't a long and arduous process like it is in WoW Classic, taking mere hours instead of literal days, but even by that standard the race to Dragonflight world-first level 70 was fast. It took the group a mere two hours and 25 minutes to accomplish the feat.

Since launch numerous other players have already hit level 70, despite some technical issues slowing players down initially. Even the group that claimed the world-first title had to wait around seven minutes for a boat to the new Dragon Isles continent to arrive. Other players reported long loading screens, boats failing to arrive to transport them to the new content, server crashes, more. The majority of the issues seem to have been ironed out now less than 24 hours after launch, with Blizzard's customer support account apologizing to players for the outages.

Dragonflight introduces a new playable race and class to Blizzard's MMO in the form of the Dracthyr Evoker, along with revamps to systems like class talents, professions, and even the game's user interface. To explore the Dragon Isles, players can unlock new customizable dragonriding drakes that work much differently compared to the game's existing flying mounts, with players able to achieve far higher speeds by diving, dashing, and using terrain to their advantage.

To celebrate Dragonflight's launch, Blizzard is offering Twitch Drops in WoW for the first-time. Players are able to earn a previously ultra-rare mount just by watching four hours of Dragonflight on the streaming platform.

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