WoW Classic Releases Summer 2019; Demo Out Now For Some

Demo will have to do until then.


At BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft Classic will release in Summer 2019. You can get the game for free if you have a WoW subscription.

While waiting for WoW Classic to release, you can play a demo of the game if you have a BlizzCon ticket, physical or virtual. In the demo, all classes start at level 15 and cap at level 19. You can make multiple characters if you want to try each of the classes too. You can try some of WoW Classic's new features in the demo as well, including chat and widescreen monitor support. The demo is now live and will remain open until November 8 at 10 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 6 PM BST.

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To handle the number of people who might want to play the WoW Classic demo, Blizzard has implemented a 60-minute playtime limit. There's also a 90-minute cool down period too. So, for example, if you play the game for 30 minutes and then log off for 60 minutes, you can play for another 60 minutes afterwards before having to wait to play again.

World of Warcraft is in the midst of its newest expansion, called Battle For Azeroth. In our Battle For Azeroth review-in-progress, Ginny Woo gave the expansion a 7/10, writing, "It's clear that Battle for Azeroth tries very hard to balance the needs of new players with those of long-time fans, and as was the case in Legion, it demonstrates that the line between refinement and oversimplification can feel very thin. It's an overall good addition to World of Warcraft's current state, but it's a gamble as to whether its upcoming content will make it truly special."

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