WOW: Burning Crusade scorches 3.5 million

Hordes buy expansion pack, helping Blizzard's latest break one-month sales record for PC games.


When Burning Crusade was released on January 16, gamers turned up in costume for midnight launch events across the world. The expansion pack for the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft sold 2.4 million in the first 24 hours and can now add another 1.1 million to its first month's sales figures. The regional break down works out as more than 1.9 million sold in regions that play on North American realms, almost 1.6 million in Europe, and more than 100,000 in Australasia. Burning Crusade was also released in Singapore and Thailand.

The subscriber base for World of Warcraft has now surpassed a massive 8.5 million worldwide. Blizzard Entertainment's president, Mike Morhaime, commented, "We're thrilled about the overwhelming response that we've received for The Burning Crusade. We have worked hard to build upon nearly every aspect of WOW with this expansion, and it's gratifying to see that players and reviewers are enjoying the new content."

The expansion pack added a new region; an increase in the level cap for characters; new spells, abilities, and talents; two new playable races; and a new character profession.

Blizzard released the game in Korea in February and is currently working on localizing the game into Simplified and Traditional Chinese for future release in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

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I still can't get over the fact that it shifted 2.4 million in it's first day on sale. Whoever said PC gaming is dead can eat their words.

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Cant beleave people still play this, get over it lol Theres gonna be some one on the news that goes blind from this game an im gonna laugh until my ribs fall out.

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Who says PC gaming is dead? I just wish they made more quality third person action games for PC.

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And then they could use the money to make World of StarCraft. XD

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Nice one blizzard

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WoW isn't a very great game technically i think. The graphics are well done because it's a little cartoony so practically everyone loves it and the graphics won't get old quickly because it will still look good several years. The gameplay is quite nice too but if you think of it the only thing you're actually doing all the time is the same thing over and over again to gain special items

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"If they break into China, they can live off WoW for pratically forever." Ummm.. they've broken into china since release. China and Korea are their biggest market. No other MMO can dream of 8 million subscribers without asia.

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with all this extra cash laying around, they need to start making the next Starcraft. i think its safe to say everyone is demanding a Starcraft 2. lol but good to hear they are doing good, hopefully they wont let it go to their heads like it did EA.

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im scared, blizzard will just stick to the Warcraft franchise forever. i play WoW but i would love starcraft 2 to come out

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If they break into China, they can live off WoW for pratically forever.

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And It could sell another 10 million if they were to put WOW and the Burning Crusade on the Xbox 360.

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I'm not a fan of wow; but even so, it's great to see Blizzard soar with its latest creations. It's also pleasing to see this help pc gaming as a whole. However, what's not so great is to see the people whom gave us the worlds of warcraft, starcraft, and diablo turn EA. Not in the sense that they churn out poor quality / content starving games by the dozens...but in the sense that they'll become greedy, exploiting bastards. But is that too late already?

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3.5 million humans without a life....ahh im just kidding i have a account aswell lol

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My account just got banned, so those numbers are inaccurate!one11!one

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Blizzard see that people can get into suck a bad game, so all blizzard is going to do is make that game so it can get more money

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So in about 2 years they were able to sell 7-8 million. In two months they sell 3.5 million. Blizzard should be really rich by the end of the year. Rich enough to make another Starcraft maybe?

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I wish I could get my money back for it. Bought it played..............More of the same...........canceled account.

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@Jazic: "...World of Warcraft is the biggest thing right now in MMO's at a 8.5 active subscription base. 3.5 million is kinda weak if you stop and look at the numbers..." You're stopping too soon with those numbers: There is a *major* portion of the player base located in the parts of the world where the game has yet to be localized. 3.5 million sold already, minus that big portion of the player base is absolutely huge.

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That's pretty awesome...

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3.5 million really bored people..

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this game rocks just bought the original and expansion a few weeks ago, theres so much to do .......its beautiful

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The Burning Crusade kind of killed the game for me. Not that it is bad by any means, it just doesn't do very much to be different. I wasn't expecting it to be a lot different than what I had been playing for 2.5 years prior, but I also didn't expect to feel the way I do about it. I know a lot of people who have quit for that very reason. Still, nice job to Blizzard!

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elron06 "3.5 million is kinda weak if you stop and look at the numbers." I don't think it's that weak. The expansion is mainly going to appeal to hardcore players, and to new players. There are a lot of people playing who (gasp) probably don't have any level 60's yet! These people are probably in the 20-40 range, and have already invested months into their characters on a more casual basis. They will probably wait until they hit 60 before buying the expansion at this point, since they don't want to start over and lose the last several months of progress on a new character.

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I'm sure Blizz is doing well, but I still think it probably costs million$ to be running these games at the scale they are running them at. Unlike an offline game, like, say, God of War... the more Blizzard sells, the higher their maintenance costs rise. In fact, I bet it doesn't scale well at all. It's cheaper to pay one person to maintain one server, than it is to pay 100 people to maintain 100 servers.. because those 100 servers have to communicate with one another.. you'd need to pay for and maintain the network they run on too, which would be complex.. I know they're doing well.. Vivendi is thrilled. And they only care about the money. So it's obviously doing well.. But I doubt it's of Microsoftian proportions. Maybe it is. I wouldn't jump to conclusions.

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THIS GAME ROCKS !!!.... And not only geeks and nerds play it, but unfortunately you cant speak about it in school with other people because you will be labeled as one even if your a straight up gangsta, sad isnt it. I also use to think this game was for geeks and that it sucked, but on day a friend convinsed me to playing and i was hooked. one of the best games i have ever played for sure, and has the most replay value of any game i have ever played. 10 / 10 fo sho...

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At this point, I don't care how big your studio is, they have to be rolling in barrels and barrels of money.

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wow WoW is pimpin them ho's

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The expansion hasn't been released yet in China. So 3.5 million copies accounts for almost all subscribers who have the ability to purchase the expansion. The numbers really cant be any better.

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Elron6, I think your opinion is wrong. That 3.5 million sold is only the first month it was on sale. We are almost to the 2 month mark so really by now those sales figures are very stale. The true number could be much closer to 5 or 6 million sold by now. Also I disagree that you need to be lvl 58 to enjoy the expansion. Plenty of people may just want to try out the new races and new starting areas. I bought the expansion and my main toon only hit lvl 50 last night.

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Jazic World of Warcraft is the biggest thing right now in MMO's at a 8.5 active subscription base. 3.5 million is kinda weak if you stop and look at the numbers. Not putting the expansion down or anything as I have it myself and would suggest anyone who has the game pick it up as well. Wonder if its just going to take time for the expansion to leak down the cheap asses who haven't bought it yet its kinda pointless to buy the expansion if your not lv 58 or higher so i'm sure a alot of people are waiting till they get to that lv before they buy it.

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the severs are mucked up everything atm is down :( thats a lot of ppl to dissapoint

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Great news!!! now blizzard can use all that money for Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2

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I'm really hoping for one last expansion. still phenominal figures. WoW as sold as many games as Xbox 360's, and thats an impressive stat.

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World of Warcraft is the biggest thing right now in MMO's at a 8.5 active subscription base. 3.5 million is kinda weak if you stop and look at the numbers. Not putting the expansion down or anything as I have it myself and would suggest anyone who has the game pick it up as well. Wonder if its just going to take time for the expansion to leak down the cheap asses who haven't bought it yet.

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I am stunned they couldn't manage to put a new class into the game. Glad I kicked this habit last November.

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oh god when it releases in China this game is going to go beyond 10 million,now Blizzard use your money to make diable 3!

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They said slashing to be kind of quirky. Basing it on a sword, a weapon recently added into the WoW universe through a 257mb patch. Anyways.

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damn, im gonna wait till the summer though so i have enough time to sink into that beast.

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Misleading title... wouldn't slashing 3.5 million mean getting rid of 3.5 million subscribers?

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Holy smokes... 8.5M subscribers for an MMORPG is enormous. Just imagine if the game really takes off in China. That country has a population over 1 billion...

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my god

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WoW ftw.

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