Would You Play Condemned 3?

Series creator Jace Hall contemplates resurrecting the psychological horror series.


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Jason "Jace" Hall, who created the Condemned series and co-founded its developer Monolith Productions, wants to know if you'd be interested in a third game.

Hall--who owns the rights to the series--writes on Facebook that the first two games "did well" and explained that he's now "consistently asked" when a follow-up to 2008's Condemned 2: Bloodshot might be released.

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The Condemned series is "just sitting there," Hall explained. Since Hall is busy with other projects--he is the president of HD Films Inc.--he said he's now thinking about letting another studio work on the franchise.

"I am contemplating finding an interested and proven Indie development team and providing it to them, so that they can take over the franchise and move it forward," he said.

"As an indie, it can be very hard to get marketing/media attention for a title that you work on. This franchise is already quite known, has market demand, and is in an innovative genre/category," he added.

Hall ended his note by asking: "Should I explore this idea further? What say you all?"

His Facebook followers, as you might have expected, responded quite positively. One said, "F**k yeah!" while others offered new gameplay ideas and studio suggestions. Hall wrote in the comments of his post that developers interested in taking on the project should reach out to him directly to discuss possible opportunities further.

The original Condemned: Criminal Origins was released in 2005, while its follow-up Condemned 2: Bloodshot launched in 2008. Both games were generally well-received, and launched for consoles and PC.

Would you like to see the Condemned series make a comeback? Let us know in the comments below!

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I would play the game, try to stay away from the genre shift to action. The first one was the superior game, because it was a psychological survival horror game. The second relied too much on action and combat. Yes, the crime scene analysis was more of a challenge, but there wasn't enough of it.

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Maybe. I never finished the previous ones, but I've been actually craving some horror lately. So I'll definitely consider it.

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YES!!! Please like the first. Melee. Some occult, some sci-fi. Creepy atmosphere random mood fucks and tailing being close to some killers trail makes it so tense.

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Condemned 2 still has the best brawling combat I've ever seen in any game, even better than Riddick. I'm not sure if I'd trust another developer with Condemned though. I'm sure they could give the third game a great story and horror atmosphere but I'm in it for the combat.

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Perhaps he could consider giving the title to Red Barrells, the crew behind Outlast.

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Condemned 2 has some of my fondest moments from last gen. That god damned bear...

Plus that battle with the personification of your inner demons was hilarious. It was building for so long and being made out to be this big, epic battle... but when it happened i just tripped him up and punched him in the junk. Fight over.

It also had fantastic first person melee. I wish Skyrim's combat was as good.

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First bring Condemned 2 to PC, and then we shall see about Condemned 3. Really hate it when the first game (or games) come to a specific platform, and later game(s) do not. It feels like players of that platform are left hanging.

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great game, really immersive

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I hope that whoever is going to pick this up and continue development is not going to turn it into a fast paced action shooter or dumbs it down for the masses to be as accessible as possible.

Some of what I'd like to see, off the top of my head :
- Physics based interaction with the environment (think Amnesia / Penumbra)
- Physics based player movement and weapon handling (think Receiver)
- Location based damage (no "reduce enemy healthbar to zero" nonsense)
- Proper weight and volume based "inventory" management (no infinisize pockets)
- Full environmental interaction that makes sense (wired switches, movable objects depending on weight, etc)
- Non violent solutions to conflicts with weaker enemies (incapacitating, tazing and handcuffing / dragging and locking away)
- Forensical crime scene analysis tools similar to what was in the first game
- Searching for clues, figuring stuff out and "puzzles" (environmental as well as story)
- No permanently "in your face" UI (but somewhat sensical checks to health, equipment, ammo, etc.) no crosshair (but actual aim down sights) and so on
- Challenging AI that makes sense (falls back, ambushes, flanks, calls for backup, uses the environment, picks up objects as weapons, etc.)
- Map editor and full mod support for the fanbase / community to keep it alive long term (new maps, stories, weapons, sounds, objects, etc.)
- Pretty up to date graphics, sound design, special effects, full environmental destruction and all that good stuff wouldn't go amiss but are not a requirement

I did like Condemned very much back in its days, even still today because they managed back then what "AAA" studios can't manage today (a first person player character shadow, which adds to the overall immersion and pretty decent AI).
Also FEAR, Interstellar Marines and others manage to get it done convincingly so there is no excuse for that except "AAA" lazyness / incompetence.

Anyways, I hope we're not being disappointed because that game has potential.

Oh and whatever you do, don't hand development to EA, UbiSoft or Activision and keep it free from additional DRM. (I am aware of these not being considered "indie developers", but I'm just making sure to mention that anyways)

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the first part was one of these games, it holds some of the most potential gameplay mechanics of video game history ... for instance how the gun is used and handled ...

here is the beginning, action starts at 7:40: /watch?v=OVNFT37C6Wk

this looked so realistic back in the days due to the dynamic lightening

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damn straight

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I need remake with proper controller support for the PC. :D

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this sub-genre could use some love... condemned, jericho, fear, and undying... undying was the best in my opinion. id like to see more games in this rather niche and small market.

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Awesome Games so Hell yeahhhh I want the 3rd game!!!!!!

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Yes, but only if it comes to PC! Missed out on the second game.

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Not sure about an indie company trading over such a project, but if you conjure a mysterious enough plot and crime horror atmosphere for the third installment, then heck yeah!

I still remember one particular part of Condemned 2 I believe, where you're in this cabin investigating strange sounds, and suddenly a bear starts charging your way down the hallway, and you need to rush and block off its path with shelf....

I really liked 1 and 2 both, they really stood out.

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I would if it was like the very first Condemned on Xbox 360. That game was awesome and very creepy. The second one wasnt that great..

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I'd play it if it was more inline with the first game. Didn't care for the supernatural angle of the second.

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I liked the first game and the second was ok too, so yes I'd be interested.

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The first game was a great new IP for the 7th gen systems and even though the 2nd game lack in story it too was still really good. The idea of a young hungry, talented, new team of developers given the chance to flesh out a condemned two seems like a no brainer. I just hope the developers are given plenty of resources to make this game all it can be, and not fill it full of publishers wish list of add ons like : same day dlc, always online, tacked on multiplayer, pay to schemes, and/or what ever flavor-of-the-day profit add on.

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Yes, yes I would. 2 wasn't nearly as good as the first, but I still liked it. My biggest complaint was the main character didn't look or sound at all like the guy from the first, even though it was supposed to be the same guy. That, and the PS3 version had you use the bumpers instead of the triggers. THAT was annoying.

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The first two were great, the first better than the second, but that bear scene is definitely one of the scariest things I experienced in a game. Only downside to two was the god awful second half, it was so stupid and the guns made it an action game. Seriously though you go from fighting crazy hobos to the military on a satellite wtf?

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Condemned 3 would be nice. Both of the previous games were both good. However, I think the 2nd was a better game. The First had a better story, but the 2nd had better combat. How many games have you played where you get to wield a toilet seat as a weapon? That makes it the better game in my book.

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Hell yes I want Condemned 3! Every time people talk about the great horror games ever made I list Condemned 2. The prompt "GRIZZLY BEAR, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" is among my all time favorite gaming moments, right up there with the first dog crashing through the window in Resident Evil.

I'd love to see the first two games included if 3 is made. I'm a PS guy so I never got to play the original.

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I'd play condemned 3. The first game was pretty awesome.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the condemned series. The game play was quite enjoyable and the atmosphere was creepy. The only issue I would have with a sequel is the storyline. I don't remember specifically the details of the second games story, however I remember it taking a really supernatural twist with what was behind the events of the games and I remember feeling like it became kind of stupid. I hope they take the time to really work on the story and make it feel natural. I don't mind the supernatural elements, but I felt like they were out of place in a way.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Agreed! The 1st one was much better than the 2nd one..

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I'm in. Might even throw money at in Steam early access if it looks promising.

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I'm ashamed to admit that I have owned Condemned 2 since day 1 & I have never begun the campaign yet I beat part 1 at least 3 times.....

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<< LINK REMOVED >> 2 wasn't near as good as Criminal Origins...

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Yes please, but closer to the first one than the second!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, the first one was way better.

I did, however, like the online mode in the second one. It was a bunch of hobos trying to kill each other. Pretty entertaining.

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Only if they take more inspiration from the first rather than the 2nd game. Then i'll probably play it.

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This definitely needs to happen. The Condemned series was one of my most favourite from last-gen. Great style, visceral and satisfying combat. I personally think the Ethan Thomas storyline is exhausted though, so I'd like to see a new protagonist.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> But they left Ethan's story completely unfinished. At a minimum I'd want 3 to take a few chapters to wrap that up, maybe even kill Ethan in a shocking moment, then have you pick up as someone new.

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I really liked condemned 2, it scared the piss out of me a couple of times. I have the first on steam, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'd definitly check out another sequel.

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There are very few games that have aged as poorly as the first Condemned game. Played it about a year ago for the first time and it had way more unintentional lolz than scares. The last cut scene in particular had me roaring with laughter and I'm pretty sure that's not what they were going for.... I'm guessing it was supposed to be some kind of homage to Twin Peaks, but boy did it fail.

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Hell yes

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Hell yeah! Played the first one on the 360 it was awesome.

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I liked both Condemned games.Played through the first at least 3 times.Would love a part 3.

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i would so play Cobdemned 3 BUT make it a true horror game like the 1st cuz the 2nd was more Action/Suspense

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That bear was pretty scary.

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Yes. Definitely!! I played thru Condemned 1 three times and got all of the 970 achievement points. One of the best horror games of all time. Best launch title ever in IMO. Condemned 2 was awesome as well. I would gladly pick this up for the ps4, the minute it came out. Although a non-Monolith Condenmed might be a let down

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My comp wasn't good enough to play the first condemned when it came out so I missed out, but I had a great time with the sequel on ps3. I would absolutly play a Condemned 3, you know, if there isn't any DLCs announced before the game is launched.

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Yes... 100 times yes...

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Hell yea! The first condemned is scariest game I've ever played...loved it!!!