Worried about Dark Souls 2 invasions? It's actually the least common cause of death

There's been 6.7m deaths in Dark Souls II at time of writing, and you won't believe how many people have been offed by falls.


Dark Souls II
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Namco Bandai has released a death tracker for Dark Souls II, revealing how many times players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have fallen foul of its various obstacles.

Out of all of the listed causes of death--falls, traps, other players, enemies, and other--it turns out that being invaded by another human player, one of the most nerve-wracking parts of game, is actually the least common way to die. You're actually more likely to be offed by a falling boulder or other trap.

The most common cause of the game's 6.7 million logged deaths so far? Regular enemies. Followed by deadly falls. Over half a million deaths have been caused in Dark Souls II by people falling off things.

Do the overall numbers roughly correlate with your personal experience of the game?

The full list of Dark Souls II causes of death at time of publication:

  • Falls: 590,589 deaths
  • Traps: 57,509 deaths
  • Other players: 43,711 deaths
  • Enemies: 2,186,193 deaths
  • Other: 91,500 deaths

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Dark Souls II was released for PS3 and Xbox 360 earlier this week in the US, and is out in Europe today. A PC version will be released on April 25.

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