Worms Reloaded for PC on August 26

Team 17 brings 2D strategic shooter back to PC next month through Steam for $20; prepurchase gains 10% discount, early access, bonus items.


Team 17 announced that it was mobilizing for more annelid wars in February, and today, the independent studio revealed a deployment date. Worms Reloaded will be available for download through Valve's digital distribution portal Steam on August 26.


Worms Reloaded is the first 2D installment in the franchise to be released for the PC since Worms Armageddon, which received glowing reviews upon its bow in 1999. As such, Team 17 said that Reloaded will meld a number of throwback options with a host of all-new content.

Ludicrous weapons being the name of the game, Reloaded features 47 types of ordnance, including classics such as armageddon, concrete donkeys, napalm strikes, and the holy hand grenades. Also included in that tally will be 14 new types of weapons, such as ferrets, poison strikes, worships, sentry guns, electromagnets, and the buffalo of lies.

With those weapons, gamers can engage in more than 60 single-player missions or go online for up to four-player bouts through Steam. Reloaded also offers a wealth of customization options, with gamers able to purchase anything from hats and landscapes to weapons with currency earned from the single-player campaign. Also included will be a level editor with which gamers can create their own custom battlegrounds.

Worms Reloaded will be available for $19.99 through Steam. However, those looking for a deal can prepurchase the game to gain a 10 percent discount, as well as 24-hour early access and exclusive in-game items.

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