Worms deploy on A Space Oddity

Team 17's annelids with attitude take their turn-based strategy warfare intergalactic next spring on the Wii.


Since debuting in 1994, Team 17's homicidal annelidan warriors have made a mess of this planet, decimating one another's invertebrate bodies with over-the-top weapons and their spirits with high-pitched, nonsensical taunts. Most recently, Team 17 catapulted its homicidal dirt diggers onto the next generation of consoles with Worms for the Xbox 360. For its follow-up console performance, Team 17 will be taking the Worms series in a new direction with Nintendo's "new-gen" technology.

THQ announced today that Worms: A Space Oddity will arrive for the Nintendo Wii in spring 2008. Apparently hitching a ride on the rockets they're so keen on launching, the worms will wage their feud on an intergalactic scale across six distinct planets, each of which offers different environments and situations.

Further diverging from past installments, Worms: A Space Oddity will eschew its traditional art style for a sci-fi-inspired look. The game will also incorporate the Wii's motion-based controls into the traditional turn-based strategy gameplay, and feature online multiplayer for up to four players.

Worms: A Space Oddity has not yet been priced or rated.

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