Worms: Battle Islands drifting onto Wii in November

Team 17's 2D annelid war heads to Nintendo's console later this year with 40 customizable weapons and utilities, and online multiplayer.


It has been more than two years since Team 17's homicidal annelids took up arms on the Wii in Worms: A Space Oddity, but the console's armistice is set to expire before 2010 is out. Today, THQ announced that Worms: Battle Islands will arrive for Nintendo's console this November.

The Worms defense budget knows no cap.
The Worms defense budget knows no cap.

Published through the THQ Partners program, Worms: Battle Islands features a 30-mission single-player campaign mode, where gamers will engage in turn-based, hyperbolic warfare to wrest control of a secret island base. Battle Islands also includes 30 puzzle challenges and six new environments. Players can also engage in online warfare in five different multiplayer modes--a first for the series on the Wii--complete with a player-ranking system.

THQ also touted the game's deep customization element. Beyond fleshing out their profiles, gamers can construct their own islands, as well as provide custom designs to levels. The game's 40-odd armaments and utilities can also be customized in the weapon factory.

Team 17 has been busy this year. Having scored critical success with Worms Reloaded for the PC in August, the British studio has also been at work on its sci-fi shooter Alien Breed 2: Assault, which is due for release through Xbox Live and on the PC this week.

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