World's first female Dota team joins Razer

Singapore-based PMS Asterisk* was the sole female team to compete in the World Cyber Games 2008 grand finals.


Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
Dota 2
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The Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is a popular real-time strategy game that not only has been around since 2005, but is also a tournament favorite in the e-sports circuit. Gaming peripheral company Razer recently announced that Singaporean team PMS Asterisk*, an all-girls team for Dota, will be joining the company under the Team Razer brand.

PMS Asterisk*, a Singaporean-based branch of female organization Pandora's Mighty Soldiers, is an all-female Dota team formed in 2005, founded by Tammy "furryfish" Tang (also in charge of community, e-sports, and social networking at Razer) and Dawn "pinksheep" Yang. They were the only female team to compete in the World Cyber Games 2008 grand finals and were the top 16 finishers at ESWC Paris in 2009.

Other e-sports teams and personalities under the Team Razer banner include Team Liquid, SlayerS clan, and Linda Liao. Earlier in May, GameSpot Asia did an interview with founding member Tammy "furryfish" Tang.

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