World War Zero coming in 2000 AD

Rebellion announces that a story inspired by its World War Zero PS2 game will be appearing in an upcoming issue of the 2000 AD comic.


UK-based Rebellion today announced that a full-length comic strip based on its upcoming PlayStation 2 first-person shooter, World War Zero, will be appearing in an upcoming issue of its 2000 AD comic. The comic strip, like the game, will be set in an alternate reality where the First World War is still being fought in the year 1964.

"There is a great deal of potential within the PC version which we felt was underused. We see the World War Zero universe as completely diverse and a goldmine of creative opportunities. Because of this, we felt we could offer more to the consumer, to expand the universe and provide greater depth to the characters," said Jason Kingsley, CEO and creative director at Rebellion. "Our publishing resource means we can provide an added experience to a games title, not just gameplay. The World War Zero setting is perfect as a comic strip, and we hope once you've played the game, you'll read the strip. 2000 AD has proved time and again to be the perfect platform to offer something different to the market."

World War Zero, which was originally released for the PC as Iron Storm, is currently scheduled for release in Europe on July 30. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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